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Written by Shannon on December 17th, 2011

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Charise blogs at I Thought I Knew Mama, as well as writing for Natural Parents Network. She has written articles for NPN on topics including Easy Tips for Living Green, Ways to Achieve Family Balance, and Holistic Health Practices for the Cold Season. She and her husband, Jeff, are the proud parents of “Baby,” who was born June 2010. They live in Massachusetts with their cats, love the outdoors, and traveling. Baby has been to 10 states in the last 13 months!

Charise’s husband makes her want to be a better person every day, as he is kind, open-hearted, intelligent, loving, and loyal. She is proud of the life they’ve built together and considers her family to be her greatest accomplishment. Her son is her reason for blogging, “He fills my days with endless inspiration to both try to capture our amazing moments together and to create and live the best possible life I can.”

She started her blog early this year, and is proud to have remained true to herself as a blogger. “I write things that might be hard for me to express in person, I choose content that I really believe preserves the magic of our family’s experiences, and I share information that I sincerely hope will help other families.”

  • Why Are You Called “I Thought I Knew Mama?”, is the first post on her blog, a beautiful poem she wrote for her son’s Dedication ceremony. This poem was her inspiration to start writing about motherhood.
  • Sound Bites From A Miscarriage Journey, Charise was nervous when she hit the publish button on this post, but is proud of herself for pushing through the anxiety and fear so that other mothers who have the same experience won’t feel so alone.
  • A Poem From The Middle Of The Night With Baby, she loves this post because she feels that it achieves “the rare experience of actually finding all the right words to convey a moving and special moment.”

If Charise could change one thing about the world, she would want our society to embrace natural living. No more harmful chemicals in our food or the products we use on daily basis to care for our families. She would also want society to prioritize taking care of and preserving our world.

Thank you for sharing your kind and loving spirit with us all, Charise.

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