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6 Responses to Teaching Children to Shop Responsibly

  1. Cassie

    Good tips! It’s hard explaining to kids about real food!

    • Seonaid  

      It *is* hard, and I find that I’m constantly working against the dominant culture. After this many years, they are kind of immersed in the conversation, though. I think it is telling that when my son chose to give fair trade chocolate to the last gift exchange, the whole class knew who it was from… but maybe that will start to spread in their consciousness, too.

  2. Lauren  

    I really appreciate these tips. You’re inspiring me to begin these types of conversations now. I like the idea of sort of just thinking out loud and letting them hear the decision process.

    • Seonaid  

      I think that it’s important to remove the mystery. They want to have the same things as everybody else, but in the community that I’m living in that means astonishing amounts of candy, hot dogs, french fries, and video games. It’s hard to say, “no”, again and again. I sometimes wonder whether the constant stream of explanations isn’t also for my own benefit to help justify the choices that I’m making.

  3. Alicia C.  

    These are great tips. I explain to my oldest why I don’t buy certain things, but I never really thought to take him to the store with me. In-the-moment learning sticks with him longer than lecture-style learning any day!

  4. Sylvia@MaMammalia

    Wonderful tips! I had to laugh at the “Talk as you walk” suggestion because I tend to narrate as I shop. And my son is under two! I suppose over time he’ll pick up on why I make the choices I do. I also found your tips to cut yourself some slack incredibly insightful. It’s a lot easier to be a conscientious consumer if you’re not trying to be perfect at it!