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11 Responses to Choosing the Right Cloth Diaper: So Many Diapers, One Tiny Bum

  1. Melissa  

    Jenn, this is such a fantastic resource! There is information in here that even seasoned cloth diapering mamas may not have considered, but it’s a great primer for those new to cloth diapering, too. I love how well you covered the benefits and drawbacks of each diaper style. Thank you for putting this together! I know I’ll be sharing it with new moms in the future.

  2. Shannon R  

    I agree with Melissa, this is fabulous! There are so many options and it can be overwhelming to new parents starting out as to what to choose and what will work for them. The try and buy programs are great and this was the reason I decided to become a Diaper Party consultant, people need to see and feel things before they commit to a system. Your article is so thorough – I am so glad you shared it with us!

  3. Kelly  

    This is an awesome post Jenn! We jumped into investing in one whole system when Bean was born (it ended up being a bad idea- we couldn’t make it work for us) and narrowly missed giving up on the whole idea because of it.

    I’m very happy we kept on – will be passing this on as I’m sure it will be very helpful to many! 😀

  4. Amanda

    Wonderfully thorough! You did such a great job explaining everything I might just scrap my own post! Ha ha 🙂

  5. Jenn  

    @Amanda – that’s the wonderful part about this blog carnival – all of these posts are meshing together so nicely. There have been a lot of people talking on the same topics, but each has their own take. I wish there was a carnival like this around when I first started to explore cloth diapers. What a great resource this carnival has created for future cloth diapering families!

  6. Zoie @ TouchstoneZ  

    Thank you. This is a wonderful resource for cloth diapering. You break it down so clearly. I’m bookmarking & I’ll be passing along this link whenever someone asks me about cds in the future.

  7. Alicia  

    Well done. Some things I would add:

    Disadvantage to pockets: Time it takes to stuff them

    Disadvantage to AIOs: Time it takes to dry traditional AIOs (though there are also quick-dry AIOs where the soaker is attached only at one end)

    Another diaper style: All-in-Twos – AI2. I was surprised to see contours on there but not AI2.

  8. Dionna  

    I’m drooling over that tie-dye diaper. The thing that frustrates me about insanely cute fitteds, is that you then have to cover them up. (sigh) At any rate, we did prefolds/fitteds for the first few months, then switched to covers. I’m sure we’ll do something similar for #2.

  9. Jenn Collins @ Monkey Butt Junction  

    @Alicia – great point about the AIOs. That’s actually the main reason I dislike them.

    I actually have no experience at all with the AI2 diapers. I don’t own any and have never actually seen any. That’s certainly something I could stand to educate myself on.

  10. Heather  

    Very interesting–I’ve never heard of ‘contour’ diapers before–and I even have one! I just thought it was an insert and I use it with my AI2–it’s awesome for that.

    I will say that many AIOs are now stuffable like pockets, to add absorbency, depending on the brand. However, unless they are the kind where the liner part comes out/flaps free in the dryer, they are a PITA to dry. The perfect AIO is stuffable and flaps free in the dryer–unfortunately, it’s also pricey!

    I also had no idea how much fitted diapers cost. To me, that’s unbelievable for something that your kid can only wear around the yard without a cover (or the house if you don’t mind damp spots)–although I do know that many are made very soft and amazing-feeling as well as adorable.

    Thank you for your post–it was informative 😀

  11. Nora

    This is a very thorough resource. It’s well organized and really lays everything out nicely. Thanks!