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9 Responses to Our Clothing Guidelines

  1. Funky Little EarthChild  

    We are pretty relaxed when it comes to clothing. One thing I will not allow, like you, is clothing that is against our values. That means no, “Sister 4 Sale” shirts or “My Brother is Stupid” shirts in our household. No violent images (guns, tanks, etc). We limit most character clothing as well.

    • Laura

      My big pet peeve are the shirts that are anti-sibling. I deal with enough sibling rivarly without having them wear clothes that fuel the fire!

  2. Sandra Mort

    I agree, though we have different rules for #4. For example, we don’t do camo, since IMO it glorifies the military & violence.

    • Laura

      I’m, personally, on the fence about camo. The pink butterfly camo print I spoke about is fine, imo, because there’s no way anyone could mistake that for “military”! But, as a rule, I don’t like my kids in camo for a variety of reasons, yet I come from a strong military background. I guess I end up on the “eh, camo is not our thing and we’re not in the military soooo…” side of the fence!

  3. Cindy McCabe

    When my son was 14 we went school shopping at the local mall. I gave him $200 to buy some jeans, t-shirts and shoes. He knew if he brought back anything inappropriate it would go back to the store. Shopping was a breeze and we continued to do that in the future.

  4. Laura

    That’s a great idea! I may have to do that when my oldest child is older!

  5. Crunchy Con Mommy  

    I love your laid back approach to kids’ clothes. We pretty much do the same thing, except my son is 2 so he doesn’t have too much of an opinion yet except loving licensed characters, which we mostly limit to PJ’s. I guess I feel like if he’s going to be a walking Disney Channel ad, they should be paying us instead of the other way around, lol. Anyway, I think cartoon character tees are the only clothes I ever really say no to at this point.

  6. Sarh S  

    People I have talked to have thought I was strict on clothing rules. My sons can wear pretty much anything, no gang, alcohol or drug images will be allowed once they are old enough to know what that stuff is. My daughter I do not allow to wear tube tops or shorts/skirts that expose anything, I will only buy what goes to her knees or an inch or two above. She is only 6 yrs old, but in a size 10/12 in girls. The clothes they make now are just ridiculous!

  7. Jan Messali  

    I loved reading your post. As an elementary school teacher, we occasionally have to send a student home to change because his/her clothing isn’t appropriate… for example, girls wearing spaghetti straps. But we do see t-shirts with anti-sibling messages frequently. I don’t care for these either.