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5 Responses to Consensual Living

  1. Mrs Green @ littlegreenblog.com  

    Thanks Lindsay for this enlightening article I love the idea that we can assume our children want to find a solution that makes everyone happy as well as ourselves and how consensual living is so inclusive of all. It follows the idea of Non Violent Communication which I love!

  2. Melissa K.  

    Thank you for demystifying this idea. You make it all so simple and clear. I love that “it is about parenting who your child is now, rather than who you want your child to be.” That is such an important thing to keep in mind as parents who strive to be respectful and gentle.

    I appreciate the extension to ourselves as well – I frequently forget to respect my own need, though I’m getting better about it. I need reminders like this to fight the ridiculous mommy guilt than can creep in when I have to assert myself to have a need met.

  3. Rosemary  

    This is wonderful. I love how you clarify the difference between consensual living and a child-centered family. I think most people misunderstand AP & gentle parenting to be permissive, child-centered parenting. Not the case at all. Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

  4. Cynthia

    I love that you differentiated between consensual living and child-centered living. A parent’s needs are valid and important too.

  5. Dionna  

    Thanks for putting this in such clear and simple terms, Lindsay. I strive toward consensual living, but it does not come naturally to my husband or me, as it is not how we were raised. I find Rosenburg’s “Nonviolent Communication” very helpful!