Consider the Lilies

Written by NPN Guest on January 28th, 2013


My little peanut, my sweetheart, what have I done
to bring you into this crazy world?
I trust that the sun will go on rising,
that the crocuses will break through the cold, hard soil again,
spring after spring,
but what do I know?
I consider the lilies
growing with the wild grass
along the side of the road.
They, too, take each day as it comes.
When the rain falls, they drink up the rain.
When the sun shines, they turn their faces to the sun.


So often as parents, we don’t really know what we’re doing. To what do you turn to restore your trust in yourself, as well as in your family’s place in this crazy world?


Rachael is the work-at-home mother of a vivacious two-year-old boy. As a freelancer, she edits and writes educational materials for K–12 students and teaches online creative writing classes through The Writers Studio. She is also a poet who was foolish enough to have married an artist. Though Rachael never planned to do anything other than attachment parenting, her pre-motherhood self probably would be surprised to see her happily nursing a toddler — and in a family bed! She is grateful to have found an online community of others doing much the same. Rachael writes about making her way toward work-life balance in a family of artists at The Variegated Life.

This poem was previously published in a post at The Variegated Life.

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