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2 Responses to Coping With Illness As A Parent

  1. Kristin  

    You are an amazing mama, Luschka! So sorry you are suffering from this! Your tips are fabulous and right on — I’m sure they will help others suffering from HG & other difficult illnesses. Taking time to connect is so very important, and as you note it is totally possible to do even if you cannot physically do anything else.

    I had pretty difficult nausea during the first half of my pregnancies, my twin one in particular, and while I was not as sick as you, I know how incredibly hard it can be with a toddler to parent too, yipes! I was so depressed and overwhelmed! Giving myself LOTS and LOTS of wiggle room in terms of my ideals vs realities for parenting was critical.

    I’m also totally supportive of the meds if they work for you — both my midwife and perinatologist fully supported it I credit the meds I was on (Zofran) for keeping me out of more serious depression, allowing me to nourish my babies on the inside and be there for my toddler in a way I absolutely could not have otherwise. For us, it was the right decision. Thanks for a great post!

  2. Lauren  

    Luschka, I wish I could reach through the computer and give you a hug. What a hard thing to cope with! I had low-grade motion-sickness-type nausea with pregnancy, and that bummed me out enough as it was. (Don’t hate me.)

    It is so hard to be the parent you want to when you’re suffering from an illness, especially a serious one like HG, and I so appreciate your tips for connecting despite that.