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7 Responses to Dealing With Aggressive Parents

  1. Amy  

    I love the blend of responses here. Thank you Jennifer and Moorea. 🙂

  2. Janet Dubac

    Very informative post! Really helpful indeed! Thanks a lot for sharing this piece to us. I really enjoyed reading it and I learned a lot!

  3. Jennifer Shelby  

    children don’t naturally think in the context of ‘parenting’ – it’s a good place to set the seeds of empathy. Rather than teach your children that these parents are aggressive and mean, consider discussing with them the reasons that this parent might be this way. Did she work all night and she’s exhausted? Is she in pain we don’t know about? Is she constantly being yelled at by someone else and this is her release? Then take the opportunity to steer your children towards a healthier form of releasing these possible negatives they too might face one day.

  4. Julie

    Great advice. I agree. As someone who comes from a cultural background where screaming at your kids for being kids is acceptable, judgement will get you nowhere fast. In fact it may direct her anger toward you. In that case you may be left having to call the authorities for a fight you instigated. That would be counterproductive. She would see you as looking down your nose at her. Certainly not someone she would want to model or take advice from.

    I also think Jennifer, above made some extremely important points. You haven’t walked a mile in her shoes and therefor could have no clue what she has been through or may be going through now. The best thing is to treat her as an equal and continue to model patience and understanding to your children and to her. She’s human too.

  5. Michael

    Thank you all.

    You all give me hope that the world really is okay…

    Thank you for being the ones to have this conversation…

  6. Kellie Barr

    My kids and I read a lot of classic books together and corporal punishment is often in them. We have discussed several times that people used to believe that this was the best way to parent and that when I was a child, my parents would smack or spank me if they didn’t like what I was doing because they believed that was the best way to deal with it. Then I tell them that now we know there are better ways to teach children. If we were around people acting like this, I would continue the conversation to include that some people don’t know or believe yet that there are better ways to handle things.

    Another thing that sticks with me is that when I was a child, I was told all of the time that I would spank my kids or otherwise treat them as I was treated. So I make a point of telling my kids that I hope that they treat their kids even better than I treat my kids and that they are able to learn new ways to handle things that I don’t handle well.