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3 Responses to Dealing with Children’s Feelings

  1. Heather Paladini

    This is a really helpful article, and just what I needed to read on a day like this! I had a difficult afternoon with my 5yo (not the first one lately either, and I am sure it won’t be the last) and I am really just looking for different approaches to handle tough situations. I don’t want to feel like yelling or feel angry at him when he acts out but sometimes it’s hard to get through to a child or set your emotions aside and deal with the actual situation at hand to find a solution together. Thanks for making some great points, I can’t wait until tomorrow so I can make a real effort to validate his feelings and concerns, and see how differently things turn out. 🙂

  2. Michelle

    I love this book. I’ve used it with toddlers, children, teenagers and adults!! And I keep going back to it because no matter how well I know the material in my head at any given time, it always seems I forget in the moment! I like how the authors keep pointing out that we as adults would hate to be treated the very same way we so easily are tempted to treat our children. Duh!

    My children are DEFINITELY better off for their parents having read this book and trying, though imperfectly, to implement the ideas.