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7 Responses to Delaying Solid Foods

  1. Kat

    Great points. As a mama to a little guy with food sensitivities I totally agree with delaying solids until at least 6 months…and longer for foods that are known to be allergenic such as grains, dairy, eggs, etc. If your baby is eager to eat food (like my little guy was!) there are lots of foods you can feed them that are nutritious but won’t irritate or cause digestive issues.

  2. Melissa K.  

    Great points – thanks for sharing! I’m eager to read your discussion on digestive issues and grains as well! We recently started solids after 6.5 and are doing just whole fruits and veggies for now. I’m going back and forth on when to introduce grains.

  3. Semi-crunchy Mama  

    Great post! I will definitely be bookmarking this post to share with friends.

  4. Stephanie B. Cornais  

    Great article! Loved that you linked to the Healthy Home Economist’s article, it’s a must-read for all parents.

  5. Sheila  

    I agree wholeheartedly. We started solids at six months, but I found most vegetables weren’t really getting digested. (Yes, I do inspect the diaper to see what went down well at what didn’t!) Meat seems to be digested the best, followed by some veggies like avocado and squash. As for grains, I’m leaving them till he’s at least one and maybe even two — my husband doesn’t tolerate them well, so I want to put them off as long as practical. Cheese caused a bad diaper rash, so no dairy yet either.

    I’m in the baby-led weaning camp as well — so if baby can’t put it in his mouth himself, he doesn’t eat it. Since the pincer grasp doesn’t develop till after six months, baby’s body protects itself from eating solids too early.

  6. Andrea!!!  

    We started introducing solids through baby-led weaning between 6 and 7 months…and for the first 3 months all Ella would do is lick her food, maybe gum it, and spit it out. She didn’t start swallowing foods until 10 months, and even now at 12 months she gets most of her food from me (we nurse on cue). This way of introducing solids worked for us because it took the stress out of it – I know many moms who stress about whether their child is eating enough. I found that trusting in my kiddo to eat what and how much she wants of a balanced option makes the entire experience of eating much more pleasant for all of us.

  7. Jennifer

    This post is very helpful. I read it when it first was posted and find myself referring back as my 8-month old son is not interested in solids. We BF exclusively on cue and my son continues to be somewhere in the 90th percentile for height. Despite his growth, happiness, and alertness, all of which our Dr commented on at our son’s last check-up, our Dr wants us to introduce baby cereal for the iron. I can’t bring myself to do it as for one I know my son is still not ready and two, I don’t want to introduce processed junk. From 6 months on we have offered him pureed fruits and veggies. Mostly, he just plays with the food and this is okay. I am sure he will signal to us once he is ready.