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9 Responses to DIY Home Emergency Kit

  1. Lauren  

    This is so thorough and helpful! You’re inspiring me to put some kits together. We have minimal storage space in our apartment — any ideas for which items are most important to include?

  2. Les

    Thorough it is! I was just wondering, how often do you update this kit? Like, for example, I have a small one at home but find that the water gets bad over some time or that the batteries die out too. I know it might be a common sense question but not everything that you put in has an expiration date. Your two cents would be helpful. Thanks in advance! :s

    • Gretchen  

      I’m no expert, but I would think an annual check on water/batteries would be a good idea. Perhaps when you check smoke alarms, run through your emergency kit too 🙂

      • Les

        Thanks Gretchen! I guess it should be like on a list of things to do annually (renew insurance, enrolment etc).
        Even the first aid kit sterilized stuff dry out too!
        As for the documentation, I have to agree. Every time I hear news about fires (March is fire prevention month where I come from), the first thing that comes to mind is that the only thing I’ll save (next to my kids, of course) would be my bag that has our birth certs etc.

  3. Gretchen  

    The documentation section is pretty important and you can do a mini version of the rest. Almost like the earthquake/emergency kits that schools have students put together with snacks, a flashlight, favorite picture from home, etc. You could tailor it to each person so the little ones have diapers/activities and parents have some extra food, kitchen supplies, and tools.

  4. Rosa Hess

    This is great! I’ve been wanting to put something like this together for a while and this list will make it so much easier for me.

  5. Sarah Jane  

    Thanks for the list of suggesions. I’m also going to use part of this list and try to keep something in our car. That way if something happens, we can have water on hand in the summer, and things on hand in the winter.

  6. Crunchy Con Mommy  

    Great ideas! Except that I think if there is a tornado or something (the most likely disaster where I live), I’ll be fine for a few days without showering, so I probably won’t stock much in the hygiene category. Apologies to my rescuers!
    We really do need to get a weather radio and new first aid kit and some water etc though. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  7. Kiersten W.  

    Thank you for posting this! I’ve been contemplating our Emergency Kit situation for a while. I think this motivated me to finally get on that project!