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7 Responses to DIY: Homeschooling

  1. Lauren Wayne  

    This is great! We’re unschooling here, and we get a lot of comments about what people think homeschooling looks like and therefore how many barriers there are (setting up a school room, having a ton of discipline, etc.), and I don’t think they believe me when I tell them it’s actually pretty natural & easy! 🙂

    We’ve gotten the same sort of disbelief/envy when we say we work from home — I know other people can do it if they want to and are motivated, though I can totally understand why people might not choose to. Sometimes, though, I think people don’t really ask themselves what’s holding them back.

  2. Life Breath Present  

    I think you make such excellent points here about homeschooling. I know Hun and I decided that we wanted to homeschool our children. Now that I stay home with Baby Boy and I’ve done a little bit of ‘research’ on homeschool, I’m definitely drawn to unschooling. And this post actually reminds me that through what we are/not doing, Baby Boy has learned so much. He’s not quite 2 and yet he has great language for his age, great gross and fine motor skills (even turning a screwdriver properly on his own, just the other day), is learning letters/numbers/colors. We take opportunities and just do! It’s amazing to see him grow and learn like this, but it also reminds me that I maybe ‘should’ do more research on homeschooling stuff lol 🙂

  3. Heather Kelly  

    I so wish that my husband believed this way. I am going to have to do some more talking with my inlaws and get my father in law to talk to my husband, his son, about how awesome it would be to homeschool our children. It’s awesome that I have the support of my parents and his. But it would be even better if my husband was led to believe that testing kids every 3 to 4 months to see what they know and what they have learned, isn’t the answer. Thank you for this. I shared it all over social media, and I am saving it for my husband to read when he jumps on board!

  4. Holly S

    My son just turned 3, and I have been interested in homeschooling him from the start. I know I personally didn’t get much out of my public school education; when I think back to it, I realize how much time I spent learning facts in order to do well on tests, and then promptly forgetting those same facts to make room for the next subject. I did well in school, but I didn’t really learn that much in the long term. I want my son to get more out of school than that, and I want him to retain the love of learning that I already see blooming in him. Plus, as a military family, I feel that homeschooling just makes so much more sense; no worrying about him being behind or ahead when starting in a new school. Unschooling really appeals to me too, although it’s admittedly very hard to get away from that traditional school mindset. I think we’ll end up doing more traditional curriculum-based schooling in the early years (especially with learning to read, basic math, etc.), and as he gets older we’ll be able to let him follow his own interests more and more.

  5. Dionna  

    We love homeschooling. Love, love, love it! (Except on days like today when my 3yo will not get off of me, I wouldn’t mind a break for preschool or something. Ahem.)
    One of our favorite homeschooling activities right now is participating in our local co-ops. We have one co-op that is weekly, semester-long classes, another that is weekly, year long classes for history/science (summers off), and a third that has one-time classes on lots of different subjects, all over the city. Almost as important as trying on new subjects is hanging out with other awesome homeschoolers 🙂

  6. Tracy Gillett

    Awesome and inspirational post Kerry. I have a nearly 2 year old son and recently started reading all about unschooling and homeschooling – it makes so much sense. Your post inspires me that it is possible – all of my friends and family’s children go to school so I am not sure what kind of support we will have when we come out of the closet in a few years that our son may to be going to school! It is great to read other people’s first hand accounts. Thank you for the post! 🙂

  7. Lec

    This is a great starting point for those thinking of homeschooling. Thanks.