Questions to Ask When Interviewing a New Pediatrician (with Printable Questionnaire)

Written by Dionna on January 5th, 2015

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One of the most common questions I see on my local parenting group forums goes something like this:

“I’m 30 weeks pregnant and still need to find a pediatrician. Do you have any recommendations?”


“We’re moving and need to find a new family doctor. Is there anyone in the area who is delayed-vax friendly?”

Finding a new doctor can be a daunting task, but you are entitled to interview doctors and select someone who is a good fit for you and your family.

Pathways to Family Wellness, a magazine dedicated to helping families “create wholeness on all levels of existence,” recently published an article originally featured on Code Name: Mama about questions to ask when interviewing a new pediatrician. Better yet, they created a handy, printable questionnaire you can take with you to your appointments so you won’t forget anything.

Please use and share this resource, and empower yourself to partner with a health professional you trust.

Printable Questionnaire for Potential Pediatrician or Family Doctor

*(Click the link to get the printable questionnaire.)

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2 Responses to Questions to Ask When Interviewing a New Pediatrician (with Printable Questionnaire)

  1. Marcy Axness  

    My Pathways issue just arrived TODAY — and what a great resource, Dionna! As the mother of a (now adult) intact son, I myself would have greatly benefited from knowing about the last 3 questions. I still find it shocking that my (quite well-known) mostly-progressive ped actually did a “momentary, slight” retraction during a well-child visit!

    Perhaps a couple sorta sneaky “litmus test” questions up top would save folks embarking on this entire comprehensive list w/ someone who’s a non-starter? E.g., “In the case of a hospital delivery and initial visit, do you prefer to examine the baby in the nursery or in my room?” Anything other than “It’s really best if your baby is NEVER in the nursery,” saves you the “Well there’s an hour I’ll never get back” blues!

    Marcy Axness
    author, “Parenting for Peace: Raising the Next Generation of Peacemakers”

  2. Lec

    Thanks for publishing this list. I’m so bad a thinking of the right questions when I’m at the doctors, they always seem to come to me later. There has been a few times where I have rung up and had a phone conversation after an appointment.