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3 Responses to The Eco-Mom Army: When the Stakes Are Too High

  1. Impossible Mom

    Im a pretty new bloggy! And I also have been searching for other mom bloggers who are like minded. I am haven’t considered myself a green mom {just yet} although I love supporting the earth and a clean environment. I really come at it from a slightly different perspective {inspired by Native American Traditions}. I’m more of a Mother Nature Mama-a little more into the spiritual side of oneness and respect for the earth and treating this as if they have a soul themselves. I do r believe any living thing is more important than another and that is my drive for becoming so called green and Eco friendly! I sure would love to find other moms out there! I started a FB page {Mother Nature Mamas} in hopes of connecting and relating w others-but I’m a new bloggy-and just haven’t had much success! Oh well! Glad I found this tid-bit! Tell me what drives and inspires you to be green? Do you think you will ever connect being green to a deeper spiritual reason?

  2. Impossible Mom

    Aww. Typo above.

    * I don’t believe…

  3. Andrea  

    Hi Impossible Mom. Sorry for the very long reply time – just saw your reply now. What drives me to be green? Well, I’ve always wanted to be green, but my children inspired a stronger drive to protect the Earth. As you say, a sort of “mother nature” role.

    Will I ever connect it to deeper spiritual reason? Every day. I really believe the golden rule should apply to all things – not just all people. I try hard to respect all things – on both a practical and a spiritual level. Mind you, I often fall short. I’m just learning too. But it’s a wonderfully rewarding journey.

    Thanks so much for your comments. If you’re still looking for groups with whom to connect, ping me on ToG.