Eggs: Power Protein for Pregnancy and Beyond

Eggs are the real deal when it comes to pregnancy nutrition. By many, they are considered the perfect protein and mamas are encouraged to eat at least 2 eggs every day. But, what is so great about them?

eggs in cartonEggs contain 6-7 grams of protein and a plethora of other necessary vitamins and nutrients necessary for a healthy mama and baby. According to Hypnobabies, the omega-3 fatty acids in eggs are crucial for brain development and function as well as healthy skin, hair, libido, reproduction, growth, and response to injury.

According to Dr. Sears:

“Eggs are an excellent nutrient-dense food that packs six grams of protein, a bit of vitamin B-12, vitamin E, riboflavin, folic acid, calcium, zinc, iron, and essential fatty acids into a mere 75 calories. Second to the lactalbumin protein in human milk, eggs have the highest quality protein of any food. In addition to being good for the body, eggs can be prepared in a variety of tasty ways.”

To gain maximum nutrition from your egg consumption, consider finding a local vendor who offers cage-free, free-range, organic eggs. In contrast to Time‘s 2010 article claiming that organic eggs are no better than factory eggs, Rodale’s research stated organic eggs are “higher in omega-3 fatty acids, free of antibiotic residues, and contain no arsenic, which is added to factory-farmed chicken-feed to prevent infections and spur growth.” Sounds quite convincing to me!

If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering how to incorporate more eggs into your diet, especially if you are pregnant. Here are some of my  favorite egg-based recipes:

I’m excited to try some of these soon, too:

Isn’t it amazing that eggs can be so much more than just scrambled at breakfast? I’m sure you are all brimming with other egg-cellent recipes. So, please share!

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