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14 Responses to Five Tips for Enjoying Your Kids in the Kitchen

  1. Amy G  

    I love your honesty in your post! I have wonderful daydreams about cooking with my LO in the near future, but I know that in reality, it will be messy, slow, and I’ll be very frustrated at times! But, I’m sure it will be worth it. I love the picture of Annabelle licking the fork!

  2. Janine  

    Love this! I was blown away at how involved my son could be in the kitchen even when he could barely walk. He likes to stir food, and we make hard-boiled eggs together… He drops them into the pot and when they are done and cool, he does a great job of shelling them on his own, and likes to sprinkle on seasoning! Even at barely a year and a half, you can really see it in his face that participating in the cooking makes enjoying the meal more exciting.

  3. Charise Rohm Nulsen  

    Great tips! I have been working on all of these things lately. The learning tower makes it all so much easier!

  4. Sylvia@MaMammalia

    Ha! I think I’m also a “recovering culinary control freak” and really needed to read this today! I’ve had varied success with my toddler in the kitchen. I think I actually get disappointed when he doesn’t want to cook with me 🙁 Your suggestion to make time reminded me that it doesn’t have to be everyday, just when we’re both in the right place. Thanks!

  5. tinsenpup  

    I too am a recovering culinary control freak. I love the practical approach you’ve taken here, especially your advice to check in with ourselves. Often we are so wrapped up in what we “should” be doing that we forget to be fair to ourselves and give ourselves the best opportunity for success.

  6. Alicia C.  

    This is a great post, full of good advice and information. My little guy loves tasting everything, too, so I have to give him his own bowl. He also has his own “knife” (a butter knife) that he uses to cut soft foods like bananas, butter, and mushrooms. Whenever he sees someone using a butter knife, he says, “Hey! That’s MY knife! You need to ask to use it.” I am thinking of moving to the next step and finding him one of those plastic knives that are sharp enough to cut carrots, but not fingers.

  7. Stacy @ Sweet Sky

    I love #2 especially — checking in with myself is something I have really learned since becoming a mother. I thought I was pretty in touch before, but I had a lot to learn! 🙂

    Thanks for a really helpful and honest post.


  8. Crunchy Con Mommy  

    Great tips! I never figured out how to make our old apartment kitchen safe for the baby to be in, but our house has an awesome kitchen and he LOVES baking with me. I’m excited to check out the links you left about kid-sized utensils!

  9. katie  

    oh, what great ideas! number 1, setting aside time is key. i can all the best intentions of cooking with kids, but if it’s rushed, it’s no fun.

  10. Tammy D  

    My boys love helping out in the kitchen, always ends up being a mess though lol! thanks for sharing these ideas.