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4 Responses to Ethics, a Budget, and Your Taste Buds: The 3/4ths Rule

  1. Kelly  

    I definitely find that the more you start learning about our food sources, the worse you feel about partaking of them! It can seem like such a huge, guilt-making pressure – but truly there is nothing more you can do than what you can do!

    For me it’s been a process of simply becoming more mindful of the choices and purchases I make. Going from complete ignorance to true understanding takes time. I still buy/eat things without thinking is this good for me, made from chemicals, sprayed w/chemicals, packaged in chemicals, not really food, ethically sourced/raised/slaughtered, local, etc., etc. – but the instances are getting rarer.

    And it does get easier to do the right thing more often and to remember that it’s never going to be perfect all of the time. So thank you for bringing some reality to this question. 🙂 Looking forward to reading the series!

    • Amy  

      I’m with you, Kelly, a slow journey to (mostly) eating whole foods. There’s so much tied up in our food choices and desires that we may not initially realize. Becoming aware and intentional is a process. 🙂 I am also grateful for this series and look forward to the rest.

  2. rachel

    It depends on what’s most important to you. I don’t allow food additives and food colouring. It doesn’t faze me if it not organic. And i buy my meat from my friend’s store even though it isn’t entirely grass fed, it has no antibiotics and the quality is unbeatable

    • Emily Bartnikowski  

      You are absolutely correct – and in fact you have just addressed what the next installment is about: picking what matters to you. It’s all very complex — especially when you realize that not much more than 100 years ago (3-4 generations at most) we were never more than 2 degrees from all of our food and we knew everyone who delivered it. Imagine a way of life where every store is your friend’s store. That would be amazing. 🙂