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12 Responses to Five Ways to Achieve Family Balance

  1. Dave Higgs-Vis @ Folkabout Baby  

    I try and work all of these tips into my life, and they’re fantastic for achieving balance.

    Great post!

  2. Rachael  

    Getting outside generally does the trick for me: my anxiety dissolves, and I forget everything on my to-do list.

    As for being that couple, I wish that more of us were willing to take our children along with us! Why should families be sequestered from everybody else? It’s healthy for nobody.

  3. Charise@I Thought I Knew Mama  

    I completely agree about being that couple, Rachael!

  4. Jessica Lang @ Cloth Diapering Mama  

    Great list mama!

    Date night is something we haven’t managed to do…we’ve been on 2 dates in the last 4 years…and we were only gone for a couple of hours. I think since we live so far away from family that we hesitate to leave the children when we have the rare opportunity.

    Will definitely be going on a date when we meet my parents up in Santa Cruz for Vacay!!!

  5. Eve {beautiful spit up}  

    Such a great list, Charise! We try to incorporate all of these tips in our life. Oh my gosh, we are SO ‘that’ couple! We take baby out to dinner, to shows and sometimes even parties. We’re all about experiencing things as a family. Great post!

  6. Amy  

    Thank you, Charise! I love these. 🙂

  7. JennyOH

    I love the tips, but had to comment because I recognise the waterfall in the “beautifully balanced moment” photo! I grew up about ten minutes away and we used to hike down to it constantly. I now live far, far away but miss home, thanks for the reminder 🙂

  8. Charise@I Thought I Knew Mama  

    What a small world! It’s such a beautiful spot!