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7 Responses to Family Resolution for 2011 – Unplugged & Tuned In

  1. Kristin @ Intrepid Murmurings  

    Great idea — I really want to commit to more “unplugged” time, too! I think I will need to set aside a specific time each day to do it keep myself on track!

  2. Lauren  

    What a great idea! It’s always like breaking my arm to get my laptop or smart phone out of my hands — but when I am unplugged, I enjoy it so much I don’t want to go back! This could be a perfect resolution for our family, too.

    • Sarah Joseph  

      I agree Lauren, it’s so hard to just walk away from my laptop. I hear it calling my name as soon as I walk back in the house. We decided to schedule unplugged time because without it being scheduled we rarely have it. And we think our family deserves our full attention.

  3. melissa aka equidae

    I’ve seen myself the effects of being too plugged. A year later, I am happy that I only tune in during nap time or while hubs does the bedtime routine.
    Wondeful post !

  4. Bri

    We have been scheduling family night activities for a while- game night, reading night, movie night (ok, it’s tv, but it’s together as a family)… AFTER family meal time.

    We’ve also added a Family Day each month and try to include each month some opportunity of charity or helping the environment.

    Hoping to step away (temporarily) from the technology a little more this year and focus on the important stuff of family!