Featured Blogger: Courtney Hillis

Written by NPN_Admin on August 11th, 2013

Featured Blogger

Natural Parents Network: Featuring Courtney of Thrive Natural Family Living

Courtney joined the Natural Parents Network family earlier this year as one of our social media volunteers. She currently helps manage our facebook page, and she says that her goal as a member of the NPN community is to “connect with other like-minded parents. I enjoy learning from other natural parents and hearing about their methods, recipes, ideas, experiences, etc. [NPN] is a great place for support and guidance. I want to share support with other parents . . . especially new parents who are questioning everything they are doing.”

Long before she joined us, though, she started her own site, Thrive: Natural Family Living. Courtney started the blog shortly after becoming a Certified Health Coach, in hopes that it would allow her to reach out to more people. She posts healthy recipes, natural and green living tips, wellness advice, and other tidbits she discovers along her attachment parenting journey.

Among the more popular things Courtney has written are posts about her success with Amber Teething necklaces and the “no poo” method of hair washing. She says, “My family is currently ridding our house of packaged products, chemicals and additives. I really enjoy sharing our journey to “greener” living and teaching others how they can do the same.” She’s also a great cook who loves whole, organic foods and enjoys “showing others how they can incorporate healthy eating (that kids enjoy) into their lives.” Her most popular recipes are this one for Homemade, Healthy Cereal and her Green, Green Juice. Just reading them makes me look forward to breakfast tomorrow!

As parents, Courtney and her husband strive to treat their son gently and enjoy a close relationship with him that includes co-sleeping and breastfeeding. Courtney calls giving birth her defining moment as a parent, saying, “I never knew I could feel so much love, happiness, fear, insecurity, confidence, and power all at the same time. It is the most empowering experience I have ever had. Even through the pain, difficulty and exhaustion, I loved it! It will always be one of the best days of my life.”

AP is much more than just a parenting style to Courtney, though – it’s an important step on the path to a better world. “I believe we can change the world by how we parent. When we parent with love and compassion we have the ability to create a generation who is more at peace than the one before and so on and so on.”

As for Courtney personally, she enjoys living near the beach in the Low Country of South Carolina with her husband and their almost-two-year-old. She calls herself a hippie in preppy clothes, especially since becoming a mother, and hopes that one day she and her husband can have a sustainable homestead that allows them to truly live off the land. At the moment, they’re building a new home, and Courtney is enjoying an active role in the process. We all have to find ways to maintain balance in our lives as parents, and to that end Courtney enjoys exercise, meditation, and a good walk. She also loves the opportunity do something creative or something active, like swimming, yoga, or pilates.

Overall, Courtney says that she strives to live life to its fullest. It certainly seems like she’s doing just that, and we’re so grateful that she’s letting the NPN community be a part of her inspiring life! Be sure to head over to Thrive: Natural Family Living and thank Courtney for all she does for the NPN community.


Melissa Kemendo, Author of Vibrant Wanderings

Melissa has perfected the art of working from home without being gainfully employed. She is mom to two vibrant, curious children, with whom she and her husband live and adventure in the Washington, DC area. When she’s not baking, pushing swings, and attempting yet again to summit laundry mountain, she’s working on the Montessori community program for which she acts as teacher, to her own daughter and a handful of other children. She can also often be found writing about something Montessori-related, or just motherhood in general, on her blog, Vibrant Wanderings.

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