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Written by NPN_Admin on May 26th, 2013

Featured Blogger

Natural Parents Network: Kym from Our Crazy Corner of the World

Kym originally joined the Natural Parents Network team as one of our fabulous social media volunteers, building and strengthening connections within this parenting community by posting items of interest and ensuring that our Facebook page remained a safe and welcoming place. Since then, she has become one of the driving forces behind our brand-new newsletter.

All along, she has also been blogging on her own site. At Our Crazy Corner of the World, Kym shares insights from life with her two adorable boys and her loving husband, Philip. Her oldest, Andrew, is almost four, and little JohnDavid was born in September of 2012. They live together in South Dakota, with their beloved black lab, Bella.

Kym and her husband strive to parent naturally, something they feel is in line with the Christian values they also hold dear. “Living a natural lifestyle is important to us,” she says, “because we feel it is allowing us to respect God’s creation appropriately and show thankfulness and good stewardship for the blessings He has given us.” Kym also feels passionate about gentle birth. She’s trained as a doula and has dreams of one day working in a birthing center. She’s an advocate for homeschooling and unschooling, or, “the right of parents to educate their children in the best way they see fit.”

A passionate person in general, Kym takes up causes unrelated to parenting as well, like raw milk freedom, and firearms rights and safety. Of course there’s plenty of fun in Kym’s household, too. She and her husband are both big fans of J.R.R. Tolkien, and love to engage Andrew’s interests in dinosaurs and nature, or to relish in JD’s sweet smiles.

As a stay-at-home parent, Kym is able to spend a great deal of time with both of her boys, and it’s easy to see that she truly pours her heart into this role. On her defining moment as a parent, Kym shares, “My entire way of thinking and way of life changed the moment I realized I was pregnant.” Like many of us, Kym found herself surprised by the strength of her bond with her children and discovered a fierceness, as well an ability to push through on minimal sleep, that she never knew was there. “It has given me courage,” she says. “I’ve had to stand up for my children many times and, for a person who hates conflict, that’s a big deal!”

In discussing her blog, Kym explains that it started out as a way of sharing with extended family but has slowly developed into more. While her children are her primary motivation to continue with it, she also has a drive to share the lessons she has learned as a parent. She explains that she doesn’t have a whole lot of time to dedicate to blogging and struggles to find ways to approach some of the more difficult topics, but that hasn’t stopped Kym from inspiring others. She shared about the wonderful feeling it gives her to hear from those who have been inspired by her blog to see things from a different perspective. “It may be something they’ve never thought about, and yet are now considering with their own families.” One of her favorite posts is also one that’s full of lessons any parent could use: “On the Days that Are Frustrating.”

We’re so grateful that Kym not only continues to inspire others through her posts on Our Crazy Corner of the World but that she shares with and inspires the NPN community in so many ways as well. Her kindness, openness, and advocacy are commendable, so stop by and give her some love! 


Melissa Kemendo, Author of Vibrant Wanderings

Melissa has perfected the art of working from home without being gainfully employed. She is mom to two vibrant, curious children, with whom she and her husband live and adventure in the Washington, DC area. When she’s not baking, pushing swings, and attempting yet again to summit laundry mountain, she’s working on the Montessori community program for which she acts as teacher, to her own daughter and a handful of other children. She can also often be found writing about something Montessori-related, or just motherhood in general, on her blog, Vibrant Wanderings.

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