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Written by NPN_Admin on December 23rd, 2012

Featured Blogger

In her past life, Laura Burns was a biologist, but these days she’s a scientist of a different kind. She spends her days, along with her husband, observing and learning from and with her two children, Liam and Sylvia who are three and one-and-a-half respectively. She’s also one of the Natural Parents Network’s wonderful authors. As the title of her blog – A Pug in the Kitchen – suggests, she’s a dog lover who spends a good deal of time in the kitchen. In fact, she describes the family dogs as her first babies, who welcomed homebirthed Liam and Sylvia, “with open paws.”

Laura strives to parent her children gently, and holds the maintenance of strong and loving relationships in their household as one of her most important goals. “My dream,” she says, “is for my children to have a relationship with each other and with my husband and me that will last. I want them to always feel that their home is a safe place.” This way of parenting is a conscious decision, and one that has taken her on a path of learning to play and be herself. “Because of my kids,” she says “I’m learning to just be, to laugh hysterically over silly faces and to chase bubbles in the backyard.

On blogging, Laura explains that she has kept a journal since childhood and had pen pals all the way into college. She describes the blog format as the best of both those worlds, minus the cramped fingers. At the outset, her blog was intended to document her attempts at learning to cook, but over time it has morphed into a place where she can write about her children and explore topics related to parenting and health. When asked what she’s most proud of with respect to her blog, Laura shares that through it she can see growth in herself as well as in her recipes and her writing. Knowing this, I’d say that the essence of a Pug in the Kitchen is captured beautifully in Laura’s three favorite posts:

  • A Rainy Monday” was written on Laura’s first official day of homeschooling 3-year-old Liam. She not only shares the activities she enjoyed doing with him, but her beautiful reflections on how much she loves helping her children learn. She says, “I think my opportunity to love and raise my children is the best I could have been given.
  • In “On Contentment and Fortitude,” Laura shares her own journey of learning to love the life she has and her commitment to making each day count.
  • Laura also shares the recipe she is most proud of, for “the jam I hide when people come over because I don’t want to share!” I think I’d hide this Blackberry Vanilla Jam, too.

I truly admire the way Laura embraces each experience with her children and have loved getting to know her through a Pug in the Kitchen and here at NPN. I encourage you to visit her – I think you’ll feel the same!


Melissa Kemendo, Author of Vibrant Wanderings

Melissa has perfected the art of working from home without being gainfully employed. She is mom to two vibrant, curious children, with whom she and her husband live and adventure in the Washington, DC area. When she’s not baking, pushing swings, and attempting yet again to summit laundry mountain, she’s working on the Montessori community program for which she acts as teacher, to her own daughter and a handful of other children. She can also often be found writing about something Montessori-related, or just motherhood in general, on her blog, Vibrant Wanderings.

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