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Written by NPN_Admin on October 13th, 2013

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Natural Parents Network: Featuring Blogger Lyndsay KirkhamThe incredible Lyndsay Kirkham has used her talents in a number of ways here at the Natural Parents Network, and the community is so lucky to have her. Everything she has had her hand in is now better for her efforts, but if you want to get a real sense of the work that she does, you can visit her on her turf: Our Feminist Playschool. You’ll probably see immediately why Lyndsay was named one of Toronto’s top mom bloggers.

In talking about her blog, Lyndsay shared three favorite posts from her archives with me. In one, she writes beautifully about something many mothers share in common: stretch marks. Her beautiful handling of the subject gave me chills, and is well worth a read. Another insightful piece is this one, wherein she breaks down what feminist parenting means to her, and her partner. In 5 Tips for Tweeting Parents, Lyndsay shares her personal “tweeting covenant,” and how it helps her to balance social media with connected parenting. As you can see, Our Feminist Playschool is not at all narrow in focus. Says Lyndsay, “I am rather ‘wide open’ with my themes. You might find anything from Toronto politics to an article on slut-shaming. And of course, you might also find a recipe for vegan muffins.” Or how about some activity ideas for a Frida Khalo study? There really is something for everyone.

For Lyndsay, it’s less about covering specific topics and more about connection. “I like the idea of sharing my experiences as a feminist-attachment mother with others. I know that there are other people out there with similar views, who might not have people in their community to connect with. I hope my blog serves a place for discussion, resources and connection.” Connections are definitely being made, too. “When I shared my experiences on weaning,” Lyndsay says, “I had a lot of very tender and loving readers share their own stories and encourage me through the difficult part of letting go of that component of our relationship. It was so touching.”

Of course Lyndsay is more than a blogger. As mother to 4-year-old Aodhan and partner and co-parent to his father, Kevin, she has found parenting to be a truly life-altering experience. “I was just reflecting this past week that there is very little of my pre-kid self that still exists. I am so very much more anxious and nervous. I am much more active as a feminist activist, and my relationship with my partner is vastly different to how it was five years ago.” As her decision to volunteer with NPN may have given away, Lyndsay also identifies as a natural parent, saying, “Being a vegan long before I became pregnant, and generally being a compassionate person definitely impacted my decision to approach parenting from a natural perspective.

As her blog title, and much of her content suggests, Lyndsay’s feminism is an important part of who she is and what she strives for in life. She dreams of, and works toward, a world “where misogyny and hate are eliminated.” A former teacher, she shares that her passions “surround feminism and writing. I want to complete my PhD in Women’s Studies and write some books about feminism and motherhood.”

If her accomplishments in one short year of blogging are any indication of what she’s capable of, Lyndsay is sure to realize those dreams and much more.


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