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Written by NPN_Admin on February 2nd, 2013

Featured Blogger

xmas 2012 (600x399)Gretchen, also known as That Mama Gretchen, is one of NPN’s insightful and creative authors. In a little over a year of sharing her insights with this community, she has written about everything from the nap battles to which so many parents of toddlers can relate, to DIY home emergency kits, to frugal family fun. When she’s not busy writing, either for NPN or on her own blog, That Mama Gretchen, she’s blessing and being blessed by her college-sweetheart-turned-husband, their two-year-old daughter Jemma, or sweet baby Max, who joined their family this past August.

Gretchen started her blog in 2010 as a sort of virtual baby book, as well as a place to organize her thoughts and research on issues related to motherhood. These days, she says, “it’s still very much that, with snippets of other aspects of my life.” If you clicked on a random post, “You could find anything from a recipe, pictures of a holiday celebration, style file, letters to my children, or research I’ve done on something that interests me.” While Gretchen writes about a number of different topics, her love for her family and passion for motherhood shine through in every post. Her favorite posts are great examples of that passion, as well as the variety of topics she writes about. For example, she shares:

  • an incredibly simple recipe for crock pot yogurt, which she says, “has been one of my favorite experiments in the crock pot, and SO EASY! I love hearing that other mamas have had success with it too.”
  • Mama’s Milk,” a touching post on donating the excess milk she pumped while working outside the home, and the sense of purpose it gave her during an otherwise challenging time. “Sometimes I feel like it was more of a blessing to me than it was to the mamas I shared with,” she said.
  • As a fellow mama to two young children, I really appreciate her post on how, when adjusting to life with two or more children, love multiples, while time divides. What I love most about Gretchen’s blog and style of writing is the honesty that makes it so easy to relate to what she shares, and this post is a great example of that.

Heartwarming letters to her children are a regular feature at That Mama Gretchen, and in them the love she speaks of is evident – and it inspires. Every time I read one, I want to go and hug my own children that much tighter. “The moment Jemma was born,” Gretchen says, “I realized the beauty and love that came from my hours of hard labor. It was amazing to hold her in my arms and begin our journey together earth side. The power of motherhood was only affirmed more when Max was born.”

When asked what she hopes to get out of being a part of the NPN community, Gretchen said, ” I love learning from other mamas – the collaboration of knowledge and support is priceless!” I think I can speak for the rest of the NPN community when I say that she has a whole lot of knowledge and support to offer, for which we’re very grateful.


Melissa Kemendo, Author of Vibrant Wanderings

Melissa has perfected the art of working from home without being gainfully employed. She is mom to two vibrant, curious children, with whom she and her husband live and adventure in the Washington, DC area. When she’s not baking, pushing swings, and attempting yet again to summit laundry mountain, she’s working on the Montessori community program for which she acts as teacher, to her own daughter and a handful of other children. She can also often be found writing about something Montessori-related, or just motherhood in general, on her blog, Vibrant Wanderings.

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