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5 Responses to My First Menstrual Cup

  1. Rachel  

    What brand did you end up choosing?

  2. Mandy @ Living Peacefully with Children

    I haven’t tried all of the brands out there, so I can’t give an accurate comparison of them. Also, every woman is going to be different and have different needs and preferences.

    However, I will say that based on reviews I had read, I ended up ordering a Moon Cup through our local Frontier co-op. I really liked it, although the long stem was bothering me sometimes and I was afraid to cut it. I recently ordered a Me Luna cup through another co-op. I liked the way it felt immediately but had difficulty getting it to pop open. It did help me figure out the small issue I was having with the Moon Cup, and now the Moon Cup is working perfectly for me.

  3. Momma Jorje  

    I ordered my first cup just before I got pregnant. My period just returned, so I’ll be trying it soon. I’d love to create less waste and I feel the same about pads & tampons as you do.

  4. Joanne

    I first started using a Moon Cup when I was about 13 I think (I’m 15 now) because I hated tampons anyway, but I was also bleeding through them in about an hour!

    I love that it creates so much less waste but for me it was almost necessity. I also really like that I can leave in for school (nowhere to change a tampon/cup easily) without worrying about TSS.

  5. Melissa

    I enjoyed reading your post. I too recently made the switch to a menstral cup. I opted for the Diva cup. I’ve got it down pat, no back up pad needed after a few cycles of trial and error. I do wish I would have tried one much sooner. So much more comfortable than tampons or pads.