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3 Responses to Five Ways to Waste Less Food

  1. Sian Breslin  

    Hello Emily,

    I completely agree with your thoughts on food waste. That’s actually a big reason why I decided after 30 years as a home economist to launch Sian’s Plan; an online meal planning site with recipes that are all healthy and under 35 minutes to prepare. We’re running a free trial at the moment and would encourage any of your readers that are looking to reduce their food waste to try it out and then send on their thoughts on the platform, (to start meal planning, just visit siansplan.com to register).

    Also happy to swap best practices around reducing food waste any time!

    Warmest Regards,
    Sian Breslin
    Founder of Sian’s Plan

  2. Crunchy Con Mom  

    Wonderful ideas! I definitely tend to put too much trust in my future self, lol.

  3. Joy


    After many years of cooking for my family, I, too, seem to cook several meals a day. Loving the “leftover bonanza” title, is my way to extend some of those meals. I like your idea of eating down fridge & pantry since that does save time and money. Your organized list of meal ingredient’s is great, only buying what’s needed in those meals. I tend to buy extra food off of my list, and, that’s the wasted portion of my food.

    Great points and, I agree with your management skills of cooking/shopping for the week! Good job!

    JLM, Mill Creek, Wa