Flickr Photo Contest: Deadline Extension!

Natural Parents Network: Flickr Photo Contest Deadline Extended!

Recently, we launched a Natural Parents Network Flickr Photo Pool and corresponding Photo Contest with over $1000 in photography related prizes up for grabs for our readers!

Many of you have already submitted photos of your beautiful families, showing us what Natural Parenting really looks like for you in many forms. We are loving the many images that have been added and are the opportunity to see the diverse faces of our readers and fellow Natural Parents. There are almost 500 images added already to the Flickr Pool, and it is turning out to be a very fun way to see and share images of other parents and families like yours!

We’re giving readers some extra time to enter photos to be considered for the contest.

Our deadline for entering is now April 30, 2013.

For details on how to submit your photos to the NPN Flickr Pool and our contest, read our Launch post and Photo Submission/Contest Rules.

Today I want to highlight some of my favorite images that have been added to our pool recently, and encourage you to visit, add your own, and check the other photos out for yourself!

                  My favorite submission yet is this beautiful little one enjoying their garden in her wellies:
Time in the garden

                                         Time in the Garden, by Amy Serotkin

                  I love the feel of this photo, and it reminds me that babies don’t care where they are when they’re hungry!

Snack Time

                                                Snack Time, by m2themommmy

                            This sweet shot of a child enjoying the dirt just makes me happy!

Playing in the dirt

                                             Playing in the dirt, by Dionna Ford

       A beautiful breastfeeding and cosleeping submission that makes me miss having a tiny one:

how we sleep

                                                  This is How We Sleep, by Melissa Faith

                  What child wouldn’t want a bean tipi? If I had a yard, it would be full of these!
Bean Tipi

                                                                Bean Tipi, by Kristin H

                    And last, but definitely not least, this gorgeous photo of a child meditating:

                                                    Oooommmm by teamhendrix

If you’d like to enter the photo contest, all you need is a Flickr account and to upload your own photos to our Flickr Photo Pool by April 30 for a chance to win one of our fabulous prize packages. Be sure to add a creative title and description of your photos so we can share them when voting starts, and encourage your friends and fellow Natural Parents to join and connect with other Natural Parents too. In addition, we encourage you to “favorite” or “star” and comment on your favorite photos to help us narrow down the best from the group. Don’t be shy! Which photos are YOUR favorites?


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One Response to Flickr Photo Contest: Deadline Extension!

  1. Amy S

    That’s my little girl in the garden! It gave me such a delight to find her photo on this page! Thank you!