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One Response to Four Unexpected Things about Parenthood

  1. Lisa Wade

    I married Peter knowing that loving and chosing him would almost certainly mean I wouldn’t become a Mummy. After having three children in a former marriage he had made sure there wouldn’t be anymore. There were a lot of emotional and medical hurdles to take. I never expected my love for a baby I hadn’t physically met yet would give me the strength to get through all of it. When I finally gave birth to my dreamgirl I never expected to feel such a strong need to be able to do this bit on my own. After 56 hours of labour I still managed to bring het into this world on my own, never once worrying about the outcome. We had overcome so much for her to get here.
    I never expected to stay awake for a whole week and not feel tired thanks to the gratitude and love that I felt. I never expected to keep on sleeping very little and feel jetlagged during the whole year to come.
    I never expected my daughter would make everything else so irrelevant. I had a job as a televisionpresenter. When I auditioned for it so did 600 others. When I went into the hospital treatments to be able to conceive her just the idea of wanting to enjoy all of what might come made me quit my job in a second. I have never missed it for a second since. I never thought being her Mummy would be so much better than all the fame and fortune in the world.