Gardening Twitter Party and Learning Through Play Winners

Congratulations to our Gardening Twitter Party Giveaway winners!

For the OrganicGardening Magazine giveaway:

Melissa and Dawn!

GARDENPARTYOrganicGardening offers a wealth of information for gardeners of any background, whether you’re planning your very first garden or are a seasoned gardener with years of growing under your belt (and your knees!), they have beautifully written articles to help you make this year your very best, and your garden truly organic.

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For the Seed Starting Grow Kits giveaway:

Lori, Jennifer, Dawn and Emily!

The amazing Seed Starting Grow Kits from Gardeners Supply Company help your seeds sprout quickly in a convenient, self-watering system. Simply add water and the eco-friendly coconut coir pellets expand to fill each cell, and your seeds! The biggest problem for home seed starting is over- or under-watering, but not with these trays! Just fill the reservoir and plants get the water they need, when they need it. Includes an extra-sturdy, leakproof reservoir, platform and planting cell tray that are all dishwasher-safe, making them easy to clean and sterilize between uses. A clear germination cover maintains proper humidity while the seeds are germinating. The support platform that holds the planting cells doubles as a seedling ejector.

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For the Plant Thrive Grow shirt giveaway:


The PLANT THRIVE GROW print from MoMo Pics on Etsy is an adorable onesie or shirt that celebrates all that is wonderful about digging in a garden; being so close to nature and all things fresh. Everyone loves springtime, when flowers start wiggling their way up to bloom, and the smell of freshly turned earth warmed by the sun.

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For the Seed Bombs giveaway:

Sarah, Tracy and Jennifer!

The seed bomb kits from Paper Sprouts on Etsy are colorful and fun, and perfect for kids! Seed bombs have caught on as a quick, eco friendly method to garden. Toss them wherever you need a bit of color, water and wait for them to sprout. Use these to decorate a table, add to favor bags or keep them in your pocket to celebrate gardening anywhere you go. Buy a pack of 50 seed bombs for just $18.

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learning through play

Congratulations to the Natural Parents Network Learning Through Play Winners!


For Prize #1: One YEAR of lessons with (Full Review at Code Name: Mama)


What a Lovely Sound! Children’s Book from Starr Meneely (More at Code Name: Mama)


Learn Piano Live offers piano students of all ages the opportunity to have weekly live lessons with a living, breathing (and personable!) piano teacher. And not only do you get live instruction from a real teacher, but there is also time for questions and feedback during each lesson. The best part is the price – you’ll get more lessons per month from the comfort of your own home for a fraction of what you’d pay for traditional lessons.

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For Prize #2: One YEAR of access to DreamBox Learning: A $120 Value! (Full Review at Code Name: Mama)

Dreambox ScreenshotTanya!

DreamBox Learning, a “virtual math tutor” designed for pre-K through 5th grade students, offers families (and schools) an adaptive learning technology that teaches kids a variety of math skills through fun and challenging games and stories. Their technology features continuous embedded assessment, and it is the only adaptive learning platform “that has the power to deliver millions of different learning paths, each one tailored to a student’s specific learning needs and level of comprehension. The result is an effective, engaging, and highly individualized learning environment for every student.1

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For Prize #3: KinderFeets Bike: A $109 Value! (Full Review at Hobo Mama)


Derived from the Dutch for “children” and “bicycle,” a Kinderfeets is a wooden push bike designed to ease the transition to pedal-powered bicycle at a toddler’s comfort level. The creator wanted his son to be able to cruise once he became confident enough, so he broke the push bike mold and added footpegs. Knowing kids love to get dirty, he added a removable seat cover that can go in the wash with the rest of the laundry. Other push bikes have inflatable tires that go flat, interrupting the fun. But Kinderfeets’ tires don’t require air. Plus, Kinderfeets’ colorful chalkboard finish provides a reusable canvas for children to exercise their creativity.

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For Prize #4: OgoBILD BITS Series 1 and Nexus from OgoSport: A $66 Value! (Full Review at Natural Reviews)

ogobild nexusShannon!

Ogosport’s OGOBILD Nexus Kit is a great toy to help children discover the fun of movement, engineering, and creativity through building. The kit contains 90 different pieces that all attach to each other (along with other Bild kits) to create whatever a child can think of: from cars and planes to dinosaurs and aliens.

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For Prize #5: OgoBild Pod from OgoSport: A $50 Value! (Full Review at Crunchy Con Mommy)

ogobild podBrianna!

OgoSport was started in 2004 by two graduates of the Pratt School of Design who were hoping to make high-quality, battery-free toys that encourage open-ended, imaginative play for all ages. The OgoBild pod certainly fits with that mission: the poles and balls that make up this kit are easy to connect and have nearly endless creative building possibilities for indoor and outdoor play.

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For Prize #6: Make Your Own Chocolates, Gummies, and Chewing Gum Kit Set from Glee Gum: A $42 Value! (Full Review at Code Name: Mama)

Glee GumHeather!

Glee Gum is a small business with a big heart. Their “commitment to environmental and social justice is twofold. First, [they] closely monitor the environmental and social impact of [their] own business practices. And second, [they] create products and curricula that help children think about environmental and social issues in innovative, interesting, and developmentally appropriate ways.”2 Glee Gum wants your family to have fun creating some fun (and pretty healthy!) candy.

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For Prize #7: My Chickadee Children’s Carrier from My Chickadee Designs (Full Review at Momma Jorje)


What a Lovely Sound! Children’s Book from Starr Meneely (More at Code Name: Mama)


mychickadeeJanina from My Chickadee learned to sew when she discovered she was pregnant with her daughter. She now creates diaper bags, wet bags, totes, reusable snack bags, and a miniature carrier for children. This wonderful carrier lets a child carry their doll or plush toy just like you carry your child. This child-sized baby carrier makes a wonderful gift for a child welcoming a new sibling! My Chickadee products are easy to clean, machine washable, and are lead & phthalate free. All of the products offered by My Chickadee are designed by a mom and made in the USA. Read the full review at Momma Jorje.

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For Prize #8: What a Lovely Sound! Children’s Book from Starr Meneely: A $10 Value! (More at Code Name: Mama)

What a Lovely SoundStephanie!

If nature made music, what would it sound like? And if you were used to the sounds of the city, would you be able to hear it? In “What a Lovely Sound!,” Melody Jane, a little girl from a big city, is accustomed to hearing “[b]uses whirring, cars beeping, motorbikes roaring, [and] taxicabs rushing . . . .” So when she takes her first trip to the countryside, she is stunned by the silence she finds. But what she discovers is music to her ears.

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