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8 Responses to Gardening with a Baby in Tow

  1. Claire

    Something that has been really helpful to me when it comes to when and where to plant veggies is the ebooks from mysquarefootgarden.com. You decide your color based on your area and it tells you exactly what to start and when. I didn’t use it last year when my second baby was new, but I’m really excited about it this year. I’m sure I’ll do quite a bit of my gardening with a toddler on my back though. 🙂

  2. Kristine  

    My biggest issue is all of the mosquitoes! I’ve got the babywearing down, I am totally fine with the wee one scrounging in the dirt, but I live in the South and the mosquitoes make being outside unbearable for my children.

  3. JW  

    The biggest thing that helped me was getting over baby dirt tasting. 😉 My children garden by my side from their first spring day.

    • Juliet Kemp

      Yeah, the first couple of times I caught Leon cramming earth into his mouth I did freak out a bit! I am calmer about that now…

      Once we finally *have* an actual spring in this part of the world he’ll be out there with me again this year 🙂

  4. Slee  

    I found that wearing baby to garden has led to having a toddler who insisted on having his own garden this year. We took a wood vegetable crate and filled it with dirt to make his own manageably sized raised bed this year. Babies who are big enough to to crawl and explore love running their hands through the friable dirt, and it’s so much fun for them to handle the seeds, so long as they don’t eat them.

    • Juliet Kemp

      Oh, how lovely! I hope that Leon will be interested in that next year — and I like the vegetable crate idea. He’s definitely very into his dirt excavations this year 🙂