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5 Responses to Genealogy for the Homeschooler, Part 1: The Research

  1. Crunchy Con Mommy  

    Fun tips! Thanks! Do you know off the top of your head though, is Ancestry.com the one run by Mormons who will baptize you Mormon if you give them your name? One of the common commercial genealogy sites is, so now I’m hesitant to sign up for any of them!! Obviously the academic ones are still good 🙂

    • Emily Bartnikowski  

      I don’t think so — and I just looked around on their site and didn’t see anything that suggested they do.

      • Crunchy Con Mommy  

        I google searched a bit and people online seem to think that Ancestry.com and FamilySearch are both run by Mormons, but Ancestry.com has more of a casual/unofficial link. My research also indicates that Mormons usually only “baptize-by-proxy” deceased relatives, so they probably wouldn’t baptize you or me just because we signed up for a genealogy site, but if you started entering in new data and a Mormon has a common ancestor with you, there is a good chance they would start baptizing all of your deceased relatives. Doesn’t seem like the sort of thing you admit to on your own website though 😉
        I don’t know if that is enough to discourage me from doing genealogy research, but it does make me more hesitant to do anything other than just look at data other people have already entered!!

  2. Emily Bartnikowski  

    It won’t let me reply to your reply (bummer!)

    That is interesting – I knew about the by-proxy baptism of deceased relatives but I figure by this point they’ve lived in a way that would cover their personal beliefs and the hopes of someone who’s never met them will have minimal impact on their souls…whatever that may mean.

    But I fully understand the hesitation!

  3. Wayne Drake

    Hello, I’m a potential 3rd to 6th cousin of yours, according to a DNA test I recently took. I happened upon this page via a quick Google search (oh, and BTW, I’m not a creepy-stalker type, it’s just that, out of all my relative matches, your name sorta lends itself to Googlin’ [much more than, say, “John Smith”]).

    Quick point: One of the great advantages of DNA testing is that there’s a good chance that some of your relative matches will be genealogy buffs who will be able to give you lots of info on various branches of your family. For example, through an email exchange with a closely-related maternal-side match, I found out I directly descended from Mayflower passenger Edward Doty.