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Avishi Organics is offering our readers a giveaway of a bottle of Intensive Repair Oil, a value of $38.50.

Intensive Repair Oil is a light, natural, and rich oil that is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding for the prevention and treatment of stretchmarks and scars.

From our reviewer, Shannon at The Artful Mama:

My new favorite skin care product!

I was really excited to receive the Intensive Repair Oil from Avishi Organics to review during my pregnancy. During my first pregnancy, I had used another commercially available cream that really did not work for me and smelled wonderful to everyone else but was pretty offensive to my wonky pregnancy senses. It also was pretty useless, and I ended up with beautiful silvery stretchmark scars to commemorate my pregnancy. I really do cherish those stretchmarks, but I didn’t really feel I needed to add to them, either.

When I received the product, there was an insert included in the box that suggested that I remove the stopper from the bottle because it impeded the flow of the oil from the bottle. The company promised that they were working on finding a better packaging and dispensing solution for the oil. I read this but did not take the advice at first, because I did not want to waste the oil — it cost nearly $39 a bottle, and I wanted it to last. The first time I tried to use the oil, though, quickly changed my mind. I was having to vigorously tap the bottle into my hand to get any oil out and it was a tad bit painful and extremely time consuming. Once I removed the stopper — I had a much pleasanter experience. The oil is thick enough that it does not flow out of the bottle too quickly. The only issue I noticed was that it would run down the side of the bottle and puddle on my sink if I forgot to wipe it off.

My arms looking less red and bumpy.

I used the oil on my belly, hips, and arms to treat my current stretchmark scars, to prevent new ones, and to help ease my itchy skin. With every other cream I had used before, it would relieve my itch for a short period after I put the cream on but it would come back and either I’d have to reapply or I would spend my day scratching my belly every chance I got. When I used the oil, I was able to go for most of the day without itching and the longer I used it, the longer I was able to go without itching. I think the best part for me was using it on my upper arms. For almost my entire life I’ve had dry skin that caused small reddish pimples to cover my upper arms. I used the oil on my arms, and it softened the skin and even reduced the appearance of the pimples on my arms.

While using the oil on my belly while still pregnant, I found it a little awkward. I didn’t want to rub the oil in too vigorously but I also wanted to make sure that I received the full effects of the oil. To solve this I started using the oil straight out of the shower before I toweled off. I found that the oil was easier to apply to wet skin but still absorbed into my skin like it was supposed to. The scars that I had from my first pregnancy had returned to a darker purplish color during this pregnancy and the oil was able to lighten that color. After the baby was born, I noticed that I did not experience the same creping that I had with the first birth and that my skin had more elasticity to it. The scars were flatter and lighter in color.

My stomach 10 days postpartum.

I am definitely enjoying continuing to use the oil in my postpartum days as well. The oil has a light and pleasant lavender smell. It is my little treat after I get out of the shower, and the fragrance is not offensive to my nursling, either. I have used it also to repair my dry skin on my hands from frequent hand washing and sanitizing. It leaves my hands nice and smooth without being greasy or oily. The only real drawback for me is the price of the oil.

About Avishi Organics

Avishi Organics was founded by a mother who was disappointed by the lack of chemical-free products on the market for mothers-to-be as well as the lack of therapeutic benefits from natural products available at the time. She combined her desire for a natural product that produced real results in the shortest amount of time. The company only uses 100% natural ingredients that are known for their therapeutic and regenerative effects on skin. All products are safe for mothers and babies and are designed with sensitive skin needs in mind.



You can purchase your own Avishi Organics Intensive Repair Oil at Avishi Organics. Each 100mL bottle costs $38.50, and the company ships within the US and internationally.

And just for Natural Parents Network and The Artful Mama readers, Avishi Organics is giving a 30 % discount on all orders from now through May 31, 2012. Enter code npn30 during the ordering process. Discount is available only to US customers.



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