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14 Responses to Giveaway: Beauty Without Cruelty $50 ARV CLOSED

  1. Andrea H  

    It’s been in the US since 1989 (& sadly, I’ve never heard of it).

  2. Andrea H  

    I would love to try the Daily Benefits Shampoo & Conditioner!

  3. Jennifer Smith  

    I would love to use these natural products. We eat whole foods, and I’d like to use healthier beauty products as well.

  4. Jessica  

    BWC was founded in England in 1963.

  5. anne perry

    Bwc was founded in England in 1963

  6. anne perry

    I would buy the lavender shampoo and lavender conditioner.

  7. Sarah Brumberg

    I always try and find the best natural body products for my family and I. These products definitely look like something that I would purchase.

  8. Sarah Brumberg

    Also, I was thinking today, that I need to spring clean my makeup bag. I like to buy natural makeup, but it is so expensive. I would totally choose BWC makeup selection if I won.

  9. Anna W  

    I would try to go with any of the lipsticks, they all look really pretty. The lip glosses on BWC also look great, but since the prices are a tad high, lipstick would be the most versatile!

  10. Anna W  

    Also, when I was browsing the BWC site I was surprised to find that in 1963, Beauty Without Cruelty was founded in England by the trustees of BWC Charitable Trust, an animal welfare organization. It’s really interest to see how a non-profit can turn its efforts into a totally unique industry! Now if only more animal welfare organizations got this involved in promoting a vegan, animal-product-free lifestyle!

  11. Jen H

    I love that they’re a vegetarian company!

  12. Jen H

    I’d like to try their fragrance free body lotion!

  13. marybeth i  

    they sell liquid base. Also looks like they are UK based

  14. marybeth i  

    I would pick the foundation and eye shadow to start with