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Mavi Gupta, M.D. and Jeremy Dyen are offering our readers a giveaway of one Birth Relaxation Kit, a value of $49.95.

The Birth Relaxation Kit is a childbirth relaxation program designed to help shorten labor, reduce stress, reduce pain, and put you in control of your own birth experience.

From our reviewer, Amy at Presence Parenting:

What are two of the most common questions women are asked about birth? How much does it hurt, and how did you deal with the pain? We ask these questions because intuitively we know birth is an amazing, intense experience. We also hear plenty of stories about the pain.

After the birth of my first child, which included various forms of pain relief, an allergic reaction to one of the drugs, and a few unexpected interventions, one thing (besides my love for my daughter) was very clear: I needed to learn how to relax through intensity. I was aware that I could not control everything, but I also felt that using medical pain relief was no longer an option for me. So I began the journey of learning new ways to deal with pain in my life and during birth.

Fast forward to my fifth pregnancy. Now a woman who had experienced three natural births and two home births attended by midwives, I was hardly a novice at the “relaxing through birth” approach. However, I am human. Although I practiced yoga, meditation, and positive affirmations, I was still experiencing intermittent anxiety related to some stuff I was working through. Then I found the Birth Relaxation Kit. It was exactly what I was looking for to supplement the practices I was already using.

The Birth Relaxation Kit was born from one family’s decision to find, and then create, alternatives to the experience of pain, stress, and lack of control during childbirth. Early on in her pregnancy, Mavi Gupta figured she would have an epidural. As she progressed, she realized that didn’t feel right to her, and she and her husband, Jeremy Dyen, began looking into birth preparation courses.

Still feeling very anxious about the pain she would experience, Mavi asked a friend how she dealt with the discomforts of labor and childbirth. Her friend told her that she had used relaxation techniques instead of medication to help work through the intensity of birth. This sparked Mavi’s interest and she began her search for another approach to birth.

Throughout the journey Mavi discovered a blend of tools that worked for her: guided imagery, self-hypnosis, and positive affirmations. As she and Jeremy spent time together relaxing each day, they noticed an increasing sense of peace about the upcoming birth and life in general. This led to their changing health care providers, moving the location of their birth from hospital to home, and eventually to the gracious, relaxed birth of their daughter at home with the loving care of birth attendants.

The experience was so life-changing that Mavi and Jeremy both trained to become certified hypnotherapists so they could provide options to families who would like to birth without fear. The Birth Relaxation Kit is a unique combination of Mavi’s medical expertise, Jeremy’s musical experience, and the positive effects of self-hypnosis.

I am always moved when someone in the field of medicine bridges their knowledge with awareness of the mind-body connection, embracing a broader approach to well-being. As I read about Mavi and Jeremy’s experience I knew this was a product I wanted to try.

The Birth Relaxation Kit includes five hypnosis session mp3s (beautiful pregnancy guided imagery, joyous birth guided imagery, comfortable birth, fear-free birth, and birth partner hypnosis), one pregnancy and birth affirmation mp3, sixty minutes of music for relaxation with subliminal birth affirmations created by Jeremy, a Birth Empowerment Booklet, along with full support via email and phone — and two bonuses: Never Get Sick Again ebook and a full album of relaxing music from Amrita. All of the components of the kit are immediately downloadable upon purchase.

My intentions for birth are pretty simple: safe, healthy birth for mom and baby. I know relaxation during birth is a big part of the experience for me and my baby. I also know that everything I interact with has an impact on my ability to relax (in life and birth) and that messages I hear about birth affect how I think and feel about it. So, as soon as I downloaded the Birth Relaxation Kit I began listening to the affirmations while I worked on the computer and riding in the van. I found Mavi’s voice soothing and easy on the ears.

During my first self-hypnosis session, I felt very relaxed as I was guided to envision a safe space that I can access at anytime — during pregnancy, birth, and life. I was surprised that this space was my very own bedroom. I had been training myself to make my bedroom a safe haven, a place I can go to relax/unwind/decompress. It felt affirming that while in a very relaxed state my subconscious mind led me to the place I previously chose and created for that purpose.

I am also a fan of relaxing music and often prefer that to music with lyrics. Each night I would play either the music by Jeremy with subliminal birth affirmations or the relaxing album by Amrita. Sometimes I would switch up and listen to the pregnancy and birth affirmations mp3 or another guided hypnosis session, especially if I wanted to be guided into deeper relaxation. I found all of the listening options helped me go back to sleep if I was up feeling anxious or just up to use the bathroom.

My husband listened to the birth partner hypnosis mp3 and shares, “When I was listening to it, I felt relaxed and grounded in our connection as the foundation for a healthy birth. That me being connected to you and supporting you in opening up was what I needed to do. It allowed me to feel that more deeply.” The support of my partner — emotionally and physically — is really important to me, and I am grateful that Jeremy created this mp3 to encourage a strong connection between parents.

The Birth Empowerment Booklet contains a conglomeration of wisdom from Mavi and Jeremy’s experience with tips to make the most of the Birth Relaxation Kit. They share relaxation and visualization exercises, the benefits of affirmations (while encouraging you to create your own), whom to have at your birth, how to breathe, and other helpful insights.

During this pregnancy I felt inspired to create birth art, which I had never done before. One image was of a woman birthing while speaking words of affirmation. I feel the suggestions in the Birth Relaxation Kit, as well as a neat post about a first-time mom who peace-d her baby out, helped me open to the creative process of pregnancy and birth in new ways. I was ready to own all of my ability to make birth the experience I desired.

At one point, toward the end of the pregnancy, I started to feel resistant to listening to any suggestive anything about birth. I almost felt like I didn’t want to think about birth — at all. In my experience, such resistance can indicate a clearing of emotional and mental stuff that is standing in my way of creating the experience I desire. I honored the resistance and allowed myself a break from affirmations and hypnosis for a week or so (we did lots of swimming at the river during that time which is also relaxing to me). When I returned to listening, I felt more engaged with what I was hearing, like it was soaking in even deeper to my subconscious. I started to believe the affirmations more, whereas previously I would kind of reject some of them as I listened.

Now you may be wondering how my birth went. In one sentence, it was the most relaxed, open, and quick birth I have experienced. Not only that, I trusted myself and my ability to open during the birth process more than I ever had before. I do not feel this was because it was my fifth birth. Babies do not just “slide out of me” and I actually experienced a fair amount of anxiety due to some life happenings and circumstances while I was pregnant. Also, in previous births I felt a strong need for outside support — partner, doula, birth attendants. This time I wanted all of those people present, but was able to rely on my inner awareness and connection with Life to carry me through.

The result was a labor where I opened to 5 centimeters before I even saw my midwife. Once I recognized I was in active labor I simply decided to continue opening (relaxing) to allow our baby through. As I chose to relax and engage with the birth process, while trusting my body, I was able to respond to my other children with love — even when one of them felt very uncomfortable with my being in labor. Each contraction literally felt like a blessing, a wave of intensity bringing me closer to our baby on the outside, a tightening that would end in a greater opening for her to come through. It was amazing and my ability to relax was so much more than I had experienced in the past. I was able to be fully present with my body and the process.

In less than three hours from the time my midwives arrived and I realized I was in active labor, I was gently allowing our baby through the birth canal — with her 13 3/4″ head — and not a tear or bruise. Everyone in the room was in joy from the ease of the experience and my ability to work with contractions — including our two-year-old daughter. While she was intermittently concerned, I was able to communicate joyfully with her through contractions and the moment her sister was born she came to us with a huge smile asking, “Can I hold her?” Relaxation was key to the whole experience, and the Birth Relaxation Kit helped me reach that goal in many ways.

If you are seeking a relaxed, positive birth experience I encourage you to learn more about childbirth meditation or hypnosis and the Birth Relaxation Kit. Mavi and Jeremy are a real couple who have experience and knowledge to back their product, as well as quick customer service if you have any questions. I commend them for offering a product that is so easy to access and use, and that can have such life-changing results.



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