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Swaddlebees & Blueberry Diapers is offering our readers a giveaway of a Blueberry Deluxe Laundry Bag Tote, a value of $35.

From our reviewer, Shannon at The Artful Mama:

My laundry bag on washing day!

I enjoyed my overall experience with the Blueberry Deluxe Laundry Bag Tote. This started just like any other review and then turned into something of a necessity to my family. My family had to suddenly move out of our home into an apartment temporarily, and half of my diapering supplies got lost in the mix.

It was a blessing that I had this laundry bag with me so that I would not have to use plastic bags to hold our diapers until laundry day. The size of the bag was convenient for apartment living, and the hanging design meant that I was not losing floor space with a laundry pail.

Two days of diapers in one bag!

I was skeptical at first about the hanging bag design. I did not see how a hanging bag could hold all my diapers for my every other day washing routine. Or how a zippered bag would contain the odor of cloth diapering a toddler. Lastly I was worried that the bag might leak like my diaper pail liners tend to do, though that could also be due to condensation in the pail.

I have been pleasantly surprised on all fronts. I liked that the bag was discrete enough to “hang out” in my son’s room without drawing any undue attention to the fact that it was a laundry bag. I hung it on both my rocking chair and the handle of the closet without leaving any moisture or stains on either surface. I even let the bag sit on the floor in between laundry sessions (two days) without anything getting on the carpet.

My laundry and the bag ready for washing.

Traveling with this bag was easy as well. I took it with us to my in-laws’ and used it there as both a laundry bag and as a diaper bag. I liked how roomy the inside of the bag is and how much it will hold.

On washing day I turn the bag inside out in the washer so I do not have to touch any diapers. This will be easier with my top-loader at home but was doable (if a little awkward) with the apartment’s tiny front-load washer. I wash it with the rest of my diapers and then hang the bag to dry with the inner layer hanging out of the bag. I also like that the bag zips; that means my son cannot go in it, because he still has not learned how to use a zipper.

The only issue I found while I was using this bag is that it is hard to load a diaper into the bag with one hand. I have to finish a diaper change before I can put the diaper in the bag. This is because of the location of the zipper at the top of the bag. As the bag gets fuller, the weight pulls down on the bag, making it more difficult to get in there without two hands. I was able to get around that by laying the bag on the floor so that I could use the diaper to open the bag and not my hands.

I would like to install a hook specifically for this bag directly over my changing station for convenience. That little addition will have to wait until we are back in our home, since holes in the wall of that size are not acceptable in the apartment.

This definitely is a permanent addition to my cloth diapering accessories. I like that my hands do not get wet while I am emptying the bag into the washer and that the bag does not leak or smell offensive. Even with the little issues that I mentioned, I like this far better then the diaper pail I’ve been using. It is prettier and encourages me to wash my diapers more frequently.


You can purchase your own Blueberry Deluxe Laundry Bag Tote at Blueberry. The bags retail for $34.95 and shipping is available worldwide and is based on mailing address.

Swaddlebees and Blueberry Diapers have been offering a variety of cloth diapering styles and accessories since 2005. Swaddlebees diapers were created by a mother, Margarita McClure. McClure wanted to offer fun and stylish diapers to the cloth diaper community. In 2007, she began her super trendy line of diapers sold under the name of Blueberry diapers. The company offers All-in-Ones and pocket diapers as well as flats, prefolds, and fitted diapers with separate covers. They offer many different materials, fabric colors and prints. They also have a line of feminine products called Pink Daisy and the Buggy Bagg diaper bags.


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AUTHOR BIO: Shannon R is a breastfeeding-cloth diapering-working-mother and devoted wife. She blogs about breastfeeding, expressing at work and cloth diapering at The Artful Mama.

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