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173 Responses to Giveaway: Blueberry Deluxe Laundry Bag $35 ARV {2.21; US} CLOSED

  1. Molly

    Another product I would love: Um, any! I have a couple of Blueberry diapers and omg I love them! “They” talk about “brand loyalty”, ya know? I’d easily blindly buy anything from Blueberry. Just say it’s from Blueberry and I’m like, “enough said, I’m sold!”

  2. Molly

    I think I’d go with Citron if I won. It’d be either that or the dinosaurs. I might have to toss a coin.

  3. Molly

    Something I learned about Blueberry (from experience): Their products are of good quality. They’re not going to just fall apart after a year!

  4. Momma Jorje

    I would love to try one of their coverall diaper covers.

  5. Momma Jorje

    I would definitely go with the Paisley design, though it doesn’t look like they have much from which to choose.

  6. katie  

    i learned that Margarita started by making her own cloth diapers

  7. Katrina

    love the One Size Bamboo Deluxe w/ Microterry Inserts

  8. Regan S

    I love everything from Blueberry! I’ve yet to try a Weehuggers though so that’s what else I would like to try

  9. Alicia C.  

    I learned that they use latex-free elastic on their diapers. This is not something that I’d have thought about, but I’m glad to know now!

  10. TopHat  

    I would like the diaper sprayer because ours just broke, alas!

    I thought it was interesting that “Swaddlebees” Would be hard to pronounce by non-English speakers.

  11. Alicia C.  

    I really like the Blueberry Snap Coveralls diaper covers. My sister-in-law would flip over them!

  12. Alicia C.  

    I think I’d choose the Paisley Laundry Tote if I won.

  13. Julie M.  

    Would love to try their bamboo pocket diaper!

  14. Julie M.  

    I like the giraffe print:)

  15. Julie M.  

    For the bag, I like the sea or cintron! Both very nice!

  16. Julie M.  

    The owners owned restaurants before starting the company…wow!

  17. Leslie T  

    I would love the OS monkey pocket diaper!

  18. Leslie T  

    I learned that their are headquarted in Knoxville, TN – I have family there and love that city 🙂