Giveaway: CHOOZE Shoes in Size 7 Toddler – 4 Youth $45 CLOSED

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CHOOZE Shoes is offering our readers a giveaway of a pair of Dance shoes in Behave Pink fabric, size 7 toddler to 4 youth, a value of $45.

These colorful mary-jane shoes feature different fabric on each shoe and are made of 100% vegan materials.

From our reviewer, Shannon at Pineapples & Artichokes:

CHOOZE shoes is offering our readers a giveaway of a pair of Dance shoes in Behave Pink fabric, size 7 toddler to 4 youth, a $45 value.

My daughter has refused to wear anything but sparkly, smooth soled shoes for over a year. Since she’s also very active, this has caused numerous scrapes and slips as she jumps, climbs, and dances through her life. When I saw these shoes, I had high hopes that these fantastic looking shoes would be fancy enough for her princess side, but with soles that can stand up to her active life style.

I also love that Chooze is designed by a mom with the goal of encouraging creativity in children and that all profits are invested in anti-poverty programs around the world. All CHOOZE shoes are made with 100% vegan materials too!

Our shoes arrived on the first day of spring. Moira loved everything about them: from the box, which is designed to inspire artistic creativity (she is saving it for a rainy day), to the fact that each shoe has a different pattern on them.

She put them on immediately and ran outside to try them out. They are now the shoes she picks out every time she needs to put on shoes, and sometimes even when she doesn’t need shoes, although we have convinced her not to wear them in the bathtub or to bed. She also happily reported that they help her run like the wind.

CHOOZE Shoes giveaway - Pineapples & Artichokes

These shoes have held up very well to heavy use. The soles are indeed grippy and have enabled her to walk confidently down one of the very steep hills near our house for the first time. They’ve even done a good job on a small patch of ice we encountered after a surprise spring snowfall.

I love the bright colors and the fact that each shoe is individual, which would be helpful for a child who was just learning which shoe to put on which foot. My one complaint is that the velcro section on the strap is pretty small, so I’m not sure how adjustable it would be for larger foot widths.

We have all been very happy with these shoes. Moira uses them as a conversation piece everywhere we go. I love that she is happy with some good, sturdy, well designed play shoes. I will definitely be buying more shoes from this great company!

I was just thinking how boring most boys sandals are, and how much foot they cover, so I think Davis will get these rocking sandals, and I might let Moira pick out some flip flops, since she has been hoping that I will buy her flip flops for the last two years.


You can purchase your own CHOOZE shoes at their website. They have a wide variety of styles for all kids and women.

Prices range from $23 to $60 and include everything from flip flops to boots!


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Pinterest and Flickr Manager: Shannon, Author of Pineapples & Artichokes

Shannon, our former Featured Blogger Editor and current Pinterest Manager, and her husband, Walker, live in the Pacific Northwest with their two children. Baby Davis, who was born this past December, and four-year-old Moira who is a wonderful big sister. Shannon also writes at Pineapples& Artichokes

42 Responses to Giveaway: CHOOZE Shoes in Size 7 Toddler – 4 Youth $45 CLOSED

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    I would get shoes for my daughter!

  2. Cynthia

    I want the Grown Ups Spin in Plant Fabrics; so fun!

  3. Cynthia

    My little girl would enjoy her first pair of real shoes. 🙂

  4. Elizabeth

    I would buy Grown Ups Spin in Plant Fabrics!

  5. Jen P

    Breeze in Sweet Love

  6. Jen P

    these would be for our daughter 🙂

  7. Erin Yuki

    I love these! Very creative idea! I love “Dance is Sparkle”- M would love them-pink and purple are her two favorite colors!

  8. Aimee

    These would be for my daughter, who has a style all of her own!

  9. Michele P

    I like the Favorite in March sneakers for my grandson.

  10. Michele P

    these cute girls shoes would be for hubby’s granddaughter!

  11. laurie Ronan

    would love to win a pair of these for my granddaughter I think she would adore them.

  12. Megan C  

    My five year old daughter said she loves the Dance shoes! I also loooove the Scout in Transport Fabrics.

  13. Megan C  

    My five year old daughter, Matilda, is who would be enjoying these shoes. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!!!

  14. kelly @eclecticmommy  

    Signature Slip-ons Scout in Jam Fabrics

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    I like the Scout in Transport.

  16. Jessica

    My daughter would love these shoes.

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    I like the Twirl in Harmony Blue

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    My youngest daughter will enjoy them.

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    i would pick thed Twirl in Charm Red

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    Toddler Favorite in Smile Fabrics