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64 Responses to Giveaway: ConservingNow Envirosax 5-in-1 Pouch $35 ARV {9.13; US/CAN} CLOSED

  1. Melissa  

    I love that ConservingNow is creating Classroom Education kits to help children learn about ways to be more ecologically responsible!

  2. Melissa  

    I love the “Travel” set! I would feel so very cultured shopping with those bags 😉

  3. Melissa  

    I would definitely enjoy these my own self! I have one envirosax bag now that I keep in my purse and it’s so fabulous that I’m dying for more. A set of 5 would make my month!

  4. Trudy

    100% of the profits goes toward funding classroom kits! I love that they integrate their company with the community:)

  5. Andreina  

    ConserveNow teaches children about the importance of caring for our earth!

  6. Andreina  

    Botanica is lovely!

  7. Andreina  

    My family, & I would be enjoying this set!

  8. Amy McCarty

    They are teaching children at an early age to take care of the Earth by respecting it. This is great because if our children just do this from birth it can make a HUGE change. amymccarty@hotmail.com

  9. Amy McCarty

    I like the Envirosax – Bloom 5-in-1 Pouch best 🙂 amymccarty@hotmail.com

  10. Amy McCarty

    My whole family will enjoy the bags. My daughter (19 months) will LOVE putting things in and out and carrying it around lol amymccarty@hotmail.com

  11. Amy McCarty

    Opps I doubled some comments because I didn’t understand.. 🙁 You might need to delete some of them. Sorry

  12. missy  

    i love the classroom education kits! i think it’s great that they include ‘family involvement materials’

  13. missy  

    i can’t decide between bloom and after dark! eek!

  14. missy  

    *I* will be the one enjoying these if i win. so much cuter than what i’m using now. maybe they will help me convert some people in my area to re-usable bags. i seem to be the only one… and certain grocery store employees are starting to call me “green girl” – i feel like a super hero! super hero green girls need super cute bags!

  15. CatholicMommy

    ConservingNow offers free teaching resources, so any teacher can work with a class to become better environmental citizens.

  16. CatholicMommy

    I like the Origami prints.

  17. CatholicMommy

    My husband and I will use these when we go grocery shopping.

  18. Tevya H

    They provide free Static clings for car windows to remind you to bring your reusable bags.

  19. Tevya H

    I like Savannah best

  20. Tevya H

    Nice gift for bro/sis-in-law