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Dearest Diapers is offering our readers a giveaway of a Ones & Twos one-size all-in-one diaper, a value of $16.95.

Ones & Twos on the go!

Ones & Twos diapers have four different size settings so that they will fit most babies from the time they are a newborn until they are an active toddler on the brink of potty learning!

From our reviewer, Shannon R at The Artful Mama:

Rana is the owner of Dearest Diapers and is a mother of two. She became a cloth covert herself just like I did. Her son was battling constant diaper irritation from disposable diapers and despite her background in Biology and Chemistry, Rana was unable to find a solution until she tried cloth! Rana opened her shop to provide a greater selection of cloth diapers for other parents and to prove once and for all “Cloth diapers are IN!” Rana not only sells a wide variety of cloth diaper products and brands but produces her own line of cloth diapers also named the adorable moniker, Dearest Diapers. She makes custom one-size pocket diapers, super sweet ruffle adorned pocket diapers, customizable monogrammed diapers and wipes.

From my interview with Rana:

My diaper setup with the extra insert tucked under the flap.

Q: Is there anything other than the reason you listed on your website’s about page or that you would like to expand upon as to why you think cloth diapering should be more widely used?

A: I switched to cloth (cloth trainers) when Hailey was potty training, but never really considered cloth diapering full time. However when Channing was born, we were constantly battling skin issues. I have very sensitive skin, but his is really bad and his eczema was getting out of control. After changing detergents, disposable diaper brands, and my eating habit (because I thought he might have an adverse reaction to my milk), I finally decided to try cloth diapers. His rash was gone within days!!!

I was very frustrated trying to buy cloth diapers, though, because I was unable to find a store that was able to walk me through all my questions! I didn’t know what the different cloth diapering options were and meant (pocket diaper, AIO, AI2, etc). So I decided to open Dearest Diapers and take “Cloth Diapering Education” into my own hands. I am always available to my supporters via email, Facebook and my cell phone number is on my website, so I am available at ALL times! This is very important to me, because I want everyone to get the help and support they deserve, so I make myself readily available. Also the doors to my home are always open! I am more than happy to have locals over to See, Feel, Touch, and Learn about cloth diapers and other Natural Parenting options!

Q: What is the process that you go through when making choices as to what you will carry in your shop?

A: Everything that I carry in store I have tried on my children myself. When I am ready to add a new product, I ask my followers what they would like to see next and I try to get my hands on a sample and go from there. That doesn’t mean just because a product is not working 100% for us, that I will not offer it in store, but I want to be able to answer all questions customers might have with personal experience, not with hearsay.

Q: How big of a role does customer feedback play in deciding what to carry or what to keep?

A: My priority is my customers’ feedback! Without them, there would be no Dearest Diapers, so I am always looking for their opinion! If I have the resources to add a sought-after product, I do my best to get it into the store asap, or I make a note, to add it to my “To-Do-List.”

Q: How long has your business been open?

A: Dearest Diapers opened September 2011. It has been a lot of work, but it is so gratifying to help someone on their Cloth Diapering Journey! It really makes my day, when I get an email or Facebook message from a customer, because I was able to make their Cloth Diapering experience fun, easy and rewarding.

Q: What plans do you have or what do you hope for your company?

A: I really hope that Dearest Diapers continues to grow. I would love to be a part of many families’ lives regardless of if they are newbies or veterans to the Cloth Diapering and Natural Parenting World!

Q: What is your favorite product in your shop?

A: I don’t think I can name one item. I am, like so many other moms out there, just in love with cloth diapering and its many perks! I am excited when new products/colors/prints are released and cannot wait to try them on my little man.

Q: Is there anything I missed that you would like to add so that people get to know you and your shop a little better?

A: I truly believe in customer service. I personally get very flustered when I am trying to find my way around an online store or I have a question and I cannot get a hold of anyone because their support office has closed for the day!  So being readily available is one of my highest priorities; hence my cell phone number is available for questions and support, no matter when!

What do I think of my new Ones & Twos diaper?

Ready for action!

I liked the flexibility of this system.  I like that it has a built-in soaker, a pocket option for stuffing and a flap to hold a soaker in place if you don’t like to stuff. I used the flap option the most, because it was a little awkward to stuff the diaper because of its trimness.

For daytime use on my toddler, the extra insert that the diaper comes with was enough absorbency. For nighttime, I added a bamboo soaker and he was set for an entire night. The diaper withstood both pee and poo without leaking or blowout.

I will admit first off that I do not normally go for all-in-one diaper systems. I need a quick drying diaper and usually all-in-ones take forever to dry in comparison to the other diapering styles. Ones & Twos falls somewhere in the middle of the drying time of both. If I were to hang dry this in the apartment, I could be waiting a long time for this diaper to dry. If it were summer weather and I hung it outside I think that would cut down on the drying time. I opted to throw this diaper in with my inserts and prefolds in the dryer and lower the temperature of my dryer. It still took longer than I liked, but it is doable for my time constraints.

Diaper with extra soaker and bamboo insert for overnight under pajamas still very trim

My favorite feature on this diaper was the laundry tabs. They are really strong and because they are a little heavier then typical hook-and-loop tape, I do not foresee having the rolling issues I have with my other hook-and-loop closure diapers. I do wish that they had a snap-closure option, but the hook-and-loop tape on this diaper is really strong that even I have a hard time opening it, and Little Man has not been able to remove his diaper when I’ve let him run around without pants.

If you are in the market for a new all-in-one diaper, this should definitely go on your shopping list. I like these diapers enough that I would add a few to my stash for daycare and overnight use as well.


You can purchase your own Ones & Twos one-size all-in-one diapers at Dearest Diapers. Diapers are $16.95 plus shipping. Free shipping is offered on orders over $25, so throw in a package of the Ones & Twos Bamboo Booster sets in your cart and shipping would be free!

And just for Natural Parents Network and The Artful Mama readers, Dearest Diapers is giving a 12% discount on all orders from now through 3.17.12.

Enter code NPN12
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to save 12% on all orders.
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Information About Our Reviewer:

Shannon R writes at The Artful Mama and is Co-editor of NPN’s Reviews and Giveaways. She writes about her choices in natural parenting as a working parent to a toddler and soon-to-be new baby.

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