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DivaCup menstrual cup and bag lying down

DivaCup is offering our readers a giveaway of The DivaCup reusable menstrual cup in the winner’s choice of size! The DivaCup is an innovative, eco-friendly solution to your period.

I (Lauren) wrote a version of this review for my site Hobo Mama, and DivaCup wrote and offered to sponsor a giveaway. So I bought and liked the DivaCup all on my own, and now I’m thrilled to be passing one on to one of you!

I switched to The DivaCup in late 2009 or so (when I was not pregnant!), when I wanted a more eco-friendly way to catch my menstrual flow. I had been most recently using a disposable cup with disposable pads/pantiliners as backup, but I wanted to make a transition to more sustainable methods. If you’re used to pads and tampons, you might especially enjoy the switch, because I find The DivaCup a lot less messy than the other methods.

Tampons and pads work through absorbing the blood flow. Collection cups like The DivaCup work by catching the blood flow, which you then empty in the toilet or a sink.

Why use a DivaCup?

(Note to the squeamish: Abandon ship now, because I’m going to keep talking frankly about menstrual flow and lady parts!)

DivaCup menstrual cup and bag standing upThere are a few versions of menstrual cups available now, although they’re not as well known as pads and tampons. Many years ago, I found that I greatly preferred the cup method over pads (which gooped me up) or tampons (which dried me out). The DivaCup fits snugly inside your vagina and catches nearly 100% of the blood flow if inserted correctly (a pantiliner is generally sufficient to catch any inadvertent spotting).

However, The DivaCup does not catch your natural vaginal moisture — and this is a very good thing! There’s no messiness of blood, but your usual moistness stays at its accustomed level. I always found, with tampons, that first of all, it was hard for me to find the appropriate absorbency that didn’t wick blood down the string, and secondly, toward the end of my period, inserting and withdrawing tampons got downright ouchy as they sucked everything dry.

Another HUGE plus to The DivaCup is that you can get away with emptying it up to once every 12 hours, depending on flow. I empty mine morning and night, and that’s that. Even at my heaviest flow, I haven’t breached it yet. This will vary depending on your own flow levels, of course, but you’re safe waiting that long in between emptying, and you’ll likely need to change your cup far less often than you would a tampon or pad.

The DivaCup also doesn’t smell funky the way that pads can after several hours. My understanding is that the blood smells only once it’s exposed to air and oxidizes, so there’s nothing to sniff at.

As with tampons, The DivaCup allows you freedom and flexibility to do your regular non-period routines, such as exercise and swimming, without worrying about bulky pads showing through your leotard (hey, it’s happened to me!) or needing to hold up your dad and brothers on a trip to the beach by trying to improvise an emergency solution out of toilet paper (hey, it’s happened to me!).

And the primary reason I switched to The DivaCup was how much more environmentally sustainable The DivaCup is than disposable menstrual products.

How does it work?

The DivaCup suctions against the sides of the vaginal canal. You have to flatten it quite a bit to insert it, and then it expands internally to catch any blood that flows down from the cervix.

The DivaCup comes in two sizes: one (smaller) size, Model 1, for women who have not given birth (vaginally or by cesarean section) or younger users, and one (larger) size, Model 2, for post-childbirth (vaginally or by cesarean section) or women over 30. You can choose the model that’s best for you. I ordered the larger size (since I fit both those criteria), and it fits right. People of all ages and sizes should be able to use The DivaCup, and it sits low in the vagina so is appropriate even for younger users.

The loveliness of The DivaCup in list form:

  • You can go up to 12 hours between emptyings.
  • You will experience a reduction in the goopiness and stinkiness of blood flow, thereby making your period potentially much more enjoyable.
  • You will experience no wicking of moisture as with tampons but will continue to feel comfortably moist internally.
  • You will have the ability to participate freely in activities like swimming and exercise.
  • Despite the upfront cost, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run versus the cost of disposable products.
  • This is because The DivaCup is reusable into the long term, which also makes it a very sustainable option. Technically, The DivaCup is suggested to be disposed of after a year. However, with proper care, most women use theirs for several years without a hitch. The pictures in this post are of my own DivaCup after about a year of use, and you can see it still looks great.
  • The Diva Cup is light years ahead of disposable pads and tampons in terms of sustainability and health. Disposable products contain or produce ingredients that can be harmful to the earth and your body such as plastics, adhesives, bleach, and dioxin. In contrast, The DivaCup’s silicone is BPA-free, phthalate-free, plastic-free, latex-free, safe for extended use, and unlikely to cause allergic reactions. The DivaCup uses minimal packaging, and its materials and accessories are not tested on animals.
  • It’s easy to dislodge for emptying. I found that if I first break the suction seal and then bear down like I’m pooping or birthing a baby cup (aw!), it comes right out.
  • The DivaCup is easy to empty and reinsert. You can dump most of the blood into the toilet, or down a conveniently situated tub or sink. If you can, you’ll want to rinse it out with plain water before reinserting. If that’s not possible (say, you’re in a public restroom or hiking in the wilderness), you can make do, perhaps first wiping it out with some clean toilet paper.
  • toddler playing with Diva Cup bag

  • The DivaCup is a convenient menstrual option for traveling. It cuts way down on the amount of supplies you need for a trip that coincides with your period, and it even comes in a cute little drawstring bag that my son lurves (see picture).
  • It’s easy to care for. In between insertions, simply rinse with water. In between cycles, you simply boil it in plain tap water for five to ten minutes. Nothing fancy needed! There’s a special DivaWash to use in place of soap, but I’ve made do with water alone. You’re not supposed to use anything at all that might damage the material, such as harsh soaps, bleach, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil, putting it in the dishwasher, etc.
  • The DivaCup has markings along the side so you can measure your menstrual flow. I’ve personally never used this feature, but it could definitely be useful in certain medical situations (or just for the curious).
  • I love the history of The DivaCup as well: Francine and Carinne Chambers, a mother-daughter team, noted the lack of a reliable, safe, and widely available menstrual cup option, and rose to fill the need!

Are there any downsides?

  • Since The DivaCup comes in two sizes, there is some risk in shelling out money for an item you can’t exactly “try on” and then return if it doesn’t fit. However, there is not a huge variation between the two models, so just read the descriptions carefully and make sure you pick the one that sounds right for you.
  • There is a learning curve to wearing The DivaCup. I found that quite a lot of fiddling was necessary at first to make The DivaCup comfortable when inserted. Fortunately, there are many resources to help you figure things out. First of all, The DivaCup comes with illustrated instructions, and then I went online for alternate folding techniques with pictures, read on message boards about tips and tricks, learned to trim down the stem, and just generally played around until it felt right. Once you figure it all out, you’ll be glad you did!
  • It’s possible to have a little leakage around the sides of the cup if you don’t insert it until after your heavy flow begins. If you keep track of when to expect your period, you can prevent this by inserting it beforehand, or just wear a pantiliner or red underpants!
  • You’re supposed to remove it if you want to have vaginal (penetrative) intercourse. Sigh. One commenter told me she does not remove hers, and I was intrigued so I gave it a try, but I found it pretty uncomfortable, even when I pushed it up as high as I could. This might be a matter of personal preference, but doesn’t recommend it.
  • Some people are leery of using The DivaCup along with an IUD, due to a slight risk of dislodging it. says it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’re careful, but this is up to you and your medical care provider.
  • You’re not supposed to use anything internal like a cup or tampon during those very heavy flows experienced during the early days of miscarriage or immediately postpartum — as your body heals and to reduce the chance of infection. You’ll need a set of backup pads for those times, though it may be possible to switch back to The DivaCup with your healthcare provider’s OK after it’s comfortable for you physically to do so.

All in all, I’m very happy with The DivaCup now that I’ve got it all figured out and will continue to use it into the future once my cycles rev back up!


DivaCup menstrual cup in two box sizes Diva CupsYou can purchase The DivaCup in either size online at,, or, or in local stores in the United States and Canada (use this store locator) and internationally. Our local natural foods store stocks The DivaCup in the menstrual section. The listed retail price is $39.99.


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