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35 Responses to Giveaway: L’il Baby Chaps and Prefold Belt from EC Wear — $28 ARV {CLOSED}

  1. Jamie Martin  

    Mamaroo EC Pants

  2. Jamie Martin  

    My sister in law would love these!

  3. Linda trinklein  

    New Pink Cotton L’il Baby Chaps

  4. Linda trinklein  

    Would love to try for our next little one

  5. Linda trinklein  

    I don’t have any personal experince. Other than the information I have read and watched videos online on it!

  6. Janine (Alternative Housewife)  

    We didn’t do EC with Sebastian until he could sit on the potty on his own, and that worked well for us, so the chaps are probably the best. I don’t think I would have any problem having my kid rock them in public – Having to potty in public bathrooms would be so much easier!

  7. Janine (Alternative Housewife)  

    These chaps would be for our next baby – TTC right now! (Well, not literally right now. Maybe later tonight… You know what I mean! 😉

  8. Janine (Alternative Housewife)  

    We started EC when Sebastian was around 6 months old. I was reading about it in some blogs and decided to give it a go, so we ordered a Little Potty. He peed the very first time we put him on it! It went well from there, and the grandparents were freaking BLOWN AWAY when they saw it. We brought the potty to my parents house and during our visit, set him on it – and he took a huge poop in the middle of their living room. I still remember the look on everyone’s face, and I was such a proud mama! I truly believe that any family could do this, but most don’t, so I take pride. Sebastian is two next month and fully potty trained at home now. We have a ways to go when we aren’t at home but it’s a good start! (Whew, that was a long comment. Hope I win 😉

  9. anne perry

    Diaper free baby book & leg warmers

  10. Liza  

    Construction L’il Baby Chaps

  11. Liza  

    my sister -in-law would like this

  12. Liza  

    i think ec is time consuming but my sister in law swears by it?

  13. Caprice  

    i’m thinking the chaps are going to be a must for the cold berlin winter!

  14. Caprice  

    the chaps and diaper belt are going to be for my 5 mo old — we’ve done various versions of EC with each of our three kiddos, but we started earliest with her (~3.5 mo) and have been completely blown away by how easily she took to it.

  15. Caprice  

    it took us a while to warm to the idea of EC – without doing much investigation, both my hubby and i wrote it off as sounding waaaay too “time intensive”. we were so SO surprised to find the opposite – and love that it’s not an all-or-nothing proposition. if you have a miss (or two or three), no big deal, you just keep going…

  16. beth c  

    the split pants look great- my 21-month-old son does a lot of diaper-free time and uses the cue sound or just goes to the potty himself when he needs to, so the split pants are perfect for someone who isn’t used to having to pull anything up or down- just squat & go!! 😀

  17. beth c  

    my son will enjoy wearing them.. & my hubby will enjoy not ‘getting flashed’ all the time too!! 😀

  18. Paige

    I enjoyed browsing the EC wear website and was pleased to learn that the company makes it a priority to disclose the origins of every item sold.

  19. Tricia

    I EC-ed my daughter without the special EC items like these chaps and prefold belts, but I’m really interested in seeing how they can help things out. My daughter is 20 mo and about 85% potty trained but I think with the right tools she could have “graduated” ECing a few months earlier.

  20. Tina

    I think they would look great on my baby, I’m due in January.