Giveaway: Basic First Aid Naturokit from NaturoKits – $75 {7.17; Worldwide} CLOSED

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NaturoKits is offering our readers a giveaway of their First Aid NaturoKit, a value of $75.

The Basic First Aid NaturoKit contains a wonderfully convenient variety of natural and homeopathic remedies for stings, scrapes, bruises, burns and other injuries or illnesses.

From our reviewer, Dulce de leche:

With four very active kidlets and an intensely crazy summer, I was overjoyed at the prospect of testing the Naturokits first aid kit. We get plenty of bumps, scrapes, scratches and all the rest! We have been moving away from things like typical antibiotic creams to more natural remedies, but it was a bit intimidating. What did I really need to include? Which products were essential, how should I use them, and could I trust the manufacturer?

The Naturokits first aid kit was ideal for our family–it covered all the most commonly needed items with a helpful usage guide. Bonus: it is all beautifully organized into the perfect little carry bag, large enough to hold all that I needed (as well as any band-aids or other small items I wanted to add) and yet small enough to easily tuck into a diaper bag or purse.

NaturoKits was created by moms who are also licensed naturopathic physicians. They saw a need for an easily portable package that would contain all the most-needed naturopathic remedies. The Basic First Aid NaturoKit includes activated charcoal, apis, arnica, calendula, cantharis, Crisis Calm, hypericum, ledum and the Wild Weed Salve, along with a comprehensive and thoughtfully designed usage guide.

We acquired a kitten the weekend that the kit arrived, which also meant a few scratches. We used the Calendula succus to clean them and the Wild Weed Salve to help them heal. The Wild Weed Salve quickly became a favorite go-to product for us. It doesn’t leave your skin sticky or super greasy, and the herbal scent was so light that it didn’t bother my ultra-sensitive kidlets at all. Also, I have a toddler who immediately insists on treatment for a host of invisible ouchies as soon as she sees one of her older siblings get one. I felt comfortable giving a light swipe of the salve to her skin, which I would never have done with antibiotic ointment, and she was happily satisfied that her booboos were well-tended.

We also tried out the Crisis Calm flower essence during a particularly stressful morning. I felt much better–focused and steady, with none of the jitteriness of caffeine or the grogginess from other supplements. My eight year old, who is the most sensitive to any anxiety, came to me a little bit later with her eyes shining, telling me that she felt so relaxed. She asked me to please bring it with me to her next dental appointment so that she would be calm and not scared or worried.

I had also noticed a persistent, itchy bump on my toddler’s face. It was hard to tell if it was an allergic reaction or a bug bite, but since apis is indicated for both, I gave her some. By evening, it was smaller and no longer raised or itchy. We gave her one more dose, and the next morning it was much better. We have also used arnica in the past with great success, although I haven’t needed it yet from my kit.


  • The convenience. I loved having all the products I needed in one little bag.
  • The variety is also an excellent assortment for my family. We travel often, and having natural remedies for stomach issues, sunburn, stings, allergic reactions, stress/anxiety and everything else is very reassuring, particularly when we will be in places where the products might not be readily available.
  • I also appreciated the detailed usage guide, which is alphabetized according to each condition. It is thorough, but concise and easily navigated if you are in a hurry. For someone like me with only a beginner’s knowledge of natural remedies, it is perfectly designed.


  • $75 sounds a bit expensive. However, if you priced each of the remedies on their own (and I have), I found that I would actually save a substantial amount by purchasing this kit.
  • It does not include typical items like bandages or gauze. There is room to add your own, though, and since my kids like picking out special bandaids for whatever their current interests are, we prefer to add our own.

My overall opinion? The Naturokits First Aid kit is perfect if you want to cover all the basics in a natural first aid kit. We will be traveling a lot this summer, and my Naturokits bag will definitely be going with us! So, how can you get one of these yourself? Easy!


You can purchase your own First Aid NaturoKis at NaturoKits for $75.00 + Shipping.

And just for Natural Parents Network and Dulce de leche readers, NaturoKits is giving a 10% discount on all orders from now until July 17, 2012. Enter code DCNPN during the ordering process.

They also offer a First Aid MiniKit for only $22.00 + Shipping that includes activated charcoal, arnica and their Wild Weed Salve, along with a detailed usage guide and cotton gift bag.


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Information About Our Reviewer:

Dulce is learning to walk in grace with her amazing husband and four wonderful kidlets. She is a perpetual provider of magic mami milk who practices gentle discipline, shares a family bed, homeschools, teaches Spanish, and blogs at Dulce de leche.

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  1. Wendy

    Naturokits treat the whole person to even the smallest thing such as over-exertion. Nice!

  2. Wendy

    I’d like to win to take this on our camping trips. We often encounter boo boos and ouchies while out in the wilderness.

  3. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    that you can use the products with the pets too – 🙂

  4. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    I have always wanted to try natural products but the price of them has always stopped me

  5. eleanor q

    I learned that the remedies, if stored and used properly, should last many seasons.

  6. eleanor q

    I’d like to win because I find that my family will get cuts and scraps whereever we will be and I am always in need of bandaids and some first aid products.

  7. B. Perez

    That’s pretty awesome! Founded by 2 moms.
    Thanks for the entries 😀

  8. B. Perez

    I would love to win this kit because first, I am a great believer in using natural products and second, I would love to have everything handy in one kit.
    Thank you for the entries 😀

  9. Caroline Morin

    I learned that one of their products is “Crisis Calm”, which I would love to try.

  10. Katherine

    I love that they are so committed to sustainability and safe packaging!

  11. Sarah Hull  

    I learned that the natural remedies in the first aid kits can be used for children over one year of age to adults.

  12. Sarah Hull  

    I would like to win this kit to use on my son when he gets bumps and bruises, scratches or scrapes.

  13. Kate Ryan

    I learned that Naturokits® are the first and only Naturopathic Care Packages, I certainly hadn’t hurt of any before! 🙂

  14. Danielle

    I learned that Naturopaths get a four year degree – had NO idea! Very cool 🙂

  15. meghan  

    There are refills availabl!

  16. meghan  

    I have to kids so I would love to win.

  17. lace  

    I learned everything comes packed in a cotton bag.

  18. elven johnson

    The electricity that powers the office comes from Wind Power.

  19. elven johnson

    My bf is a hippie & is making the whole house green.

  20. Pam M  

    I liked that they have written the instructions so you can be assured of dependable information that is easy to understand and use. I also like that because I am just beginning to learn and try this stuff my self.