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Green Gamboni is offering our readers a giveaway: one pair of organic cotton baby jeans, designed by a mama to fit well over all sizes and styles of diapers, especially cloth!

Green Gamboni jeans were created by Anne Loarie, a cloth-diapering mother who just couldn’t seem to find a good pair of jeans that would fit over her little one’s fluffy bum. She fantasized about the perfect fit, and Green Gamboni jeans were born! They’re made right here in the US, in Northern California. The jeans are made of 98% GOTS Certified organic cotton denim with 2% stretch.

Green Gamboni jeans are available in five different adorable (and gender-neutral!) styles, designed to fit the varying needs of your little one. For instance, the pair I chose for Daniel is called the Hedgehog, and it’s designed with reinforced knee panels. This helps to further protect and provide padding for the knees of a crawler or a baby who isn’t totally steady on her feet yet. An additional bonus (I imagine) of the reinforced knee of this style is that it will help to keep the jeans in good shape for longer. With a crawler learning to walk, sometimes clothing can really take a beating! I can tell you, though, that Daniel has crawled around on the concrete sidewalk as well as in grass and dirt (and over rocks, etc.) while wearing these jeans, and not only did they not show even a tiny bit of wear, but they didn’t stain. They also washed and dried very well; they still look brand-new after several washes, and they haven’t shrunk at all.

I love these jeans! They’re the first (and only) pair of jeans I’ve bought for Daniel so far. Early on in our cloth diapering journey, I figured out that denim baby clothes generally aren’t made to fit over cloth diapers, so I just didn’t bother trying to find a pair of jeans for him. Then I came across Green Gamboni, and I couldn’t wait to try these on Daniel. They’re super-cute, and I love the little mushroom logo embroidered on the ankle of the pants! The fabric is quite soft for a denim, but still very sturdy, and the 2% stretch makes it such that your kiddo won’t be at all restricted in his movements by a stiff pair of jeans. I also really appreciate the attention to detail: the green stitching and embroidery are very nice touches, and the color of the denim is very rich. I like that the fly of these jeans has a snap (instead of a button) and no zipper. I think zippers on baby pants are totally unnecessary, and can also be a potential hazard for pinching little fingers and bellies.

I have to be honest and tell you that the only thing I didn’t absolutely love about the jeans right off the bat was the price. For the purposes of this review, I was able to purchase the jeans at wholesale price, but I would not have normally been able to justify buying a new pair of these jeans for my son. I’m sure I’m not the only parent who is trying to keep extra spending to a minimum right now! I do sincerely believe, however, that you get what you pay for, and these jeans are no exception. They are durable, they’re made of organic cotton, and they’re made in the USA. There’s no way to provide a product of this high quality that’s made domestically, sustainably, and with fair wages for those making it, and still offer it at a discount price.

Here’s what Anne of Green Gamboni has to say about pricing:

…I understand how…some people may feel that the jeans I am offering seem expensive. I feel you. But these jeans reflect the value of the natural materials that are sustainably farmed and processed so that nearby farming families’ drinking water is not contaminated with pesticides and indigo dye. These jeans reflect the craftsmanship of USA garment workers who take the time to craft clothing with their bare hands…not on a digitized industrial machine. These jeans reflect the fact that a small – TINY – business (and a stay at home mama) is trying to carve out a place in this world – and is competing with Walmart. We all vote with our dollars and when you purchase a pair of Green Gamboni jeans you can rest assured that you are supporting real living wages and environmental stewardship.

I couldn’t have said it better myself! And I can certainly vouch for the quality of these jeans. After being able to test these out on Daniel, I know they’d be able to last through multiple children, and would be great to pass on to others when your children outgrow them. They are definitely worth the price. If you don’t have multiple children to cycle through these jeans, Green Gamboni also has a program called GreenCycling, where you can return your kid’s lightly used GG jeans when s/he outgrows them for a 5% discount on your next new pair, or you can purchase a used pair of GG jeans instead. This is a wonderful way to recycle your used GG jeans!

Overall, I think this is a wonderful product! The jeans are durable, adorable, and sustainably manufactured. What’s more, I haven’t found anything else like them on the market! Whether you use cloth diapers or not, if you’re looking for a pair of jeans for your little one, these are the ones to buy.

Buy It!

Green Gamboni jeans run from $39-48, and are available in five different styles.

Size availability includes:

0-6mo; 7-17lbs
6-12mo; 17-22lbs
12-18mo; 22-27lbs
2T (18-24mo); 27-30lbs

Daniel is around 19lbs and 30″ tall at 13 months old. The GG sizing recommendation is to go with the child’s weight for best fit, but I went ahead and asked Anne which she thought would fit Daniel best, since he’s tall and skinny. I ended up getting the 12-18 month size for him which fits just fine (they’re a tad bit long on Daniel, with some room to grow, but they certainly don’t fall down). They’ve fit well over all the different types of cloth diapers we have, including a cushy wool cover!

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