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Kelty is offering our readers a giveaway of Kelty Tour 1.0 Kid Carrier, a value of $174.95 plus shipping.

Photo Credit: Kelty

The Kelty Tour 1.0 is a framed child carrier perfect for parents and children who love the outdoors.

From our reviewer, Gretchen at That Mama Gretchen:

About Kelty and the Kelty Kids Carrier

Since 1952 Kelty has been equipping those who love the outdoors with gear to maximize their experiences. The 90’s brought about the first of their Kid Carriers, and today, I’m here to introduce their newest model, the Tour 1.0. With safety and affordability in the forefront of their design, Kelty has created a product that any family would welcome on an afternoon hike or short outing.

Kelty’s Tour 1.0 Kid Carrier is brimming with features that make wearing (for the parent) and riding (for the child) a breeze! Accommodating children from 16-40 pounds, the Tour boasts a 5-point safety harness in the child cockpit, a new child leg-secure system and a patented Auto-Deploy™ Kickstand for simple and safe loading and unloading.

As the first company to debut the backpack style of babywearing, I definitely consider Kelty to be a leader in their field – the Tour proves that. They’ve diligently spent time and energy choosing the best features of all Kelty kid carriers for the Tour, while keeping costs low and comfort high; not to mention the actual weight of the carrier – a mere 4 pounds 13 ounces.

Made of aluminum, the Tour has an unprecedented rollcage to ensure the child’s safety while riding. It’s enclosed with ample padding and the breathable mesh backpack portion makes for a happy (and cool) adult. An accurate fit is achieved with adjustments in the child cockpit, leg space, adult waist and adult shoulders. The Tour is more likely to fit women because it has a shorter torso adjustment ranging from 15-18″.

Unlike other back carry babywearing carriers, a spotter is not needed with the Kelty Tour thanks to the auto-deploy kickstand. When setting down the Tour it automatically pops out, and, once on, it pops in for a slim fit. And no need to worry about fingers getting pinched in the kickstand hinge, the Tour has a patented no-pinch hinge on its frame.

tour 3 600w

When our evergreen Tour arrived we all “ooh” and “ahh”ed over its sleek look and lightweight frame. We couldn’t wait to plan our family outing! First up, an adventure along some trails near a park in our new town.

Both my husband and I took turns wearing our two children in the Tour. For perspective, my husband is 6’1″ and I’m 5’7”. Our 2 1/2 year old daughter is 36″ tall and weighs 34 pounds and our son is 28″ long and 24 pounds.

We both felt it fit exceptionally well for a structured backpack carrier. With steep hills and uneven ground we were able to traverse the park with ease and our kiddos got a bird’s eye view.

tour 4 6002

My daughter lasted about 30 minutes before she asked to get out and walk – quite normal for her age. She is still used to being carried, but definitely likes to get up and down during our adventures. At times she seemed a little unsure of where to put her long legs, but didn’t complain.

For me, it was more comfortable to carry her as she leaned forward almost piggyback style whereas my son leaned back, wiggling more as he checked out his new view.

tour 2 600w

Our next adventure was to the zoo for Mother’s Day with our extended family. Both of my sisters, who yet to have children of their own but are most definitely on the verge of becoming babywearing afficionados, put their stamp of approval on the Tour.

With a full-day outing I was a little worried about how comfortable I’d be packing a little one on my back with only a handful of breaks, but alas, the Tour somehow magically disbursed the weight and we managed just fine sharing the carrying opportunity between three adults. For an 80 degree day my back didn’t even get too sweaty thanks to the mesh backing.

I was impressed with the storage capacity of the backpack (diapers, snacks and water bottles fit great!) and I loved the mini hip pocket for my cell phone.

tour 1 600w

On our previous trip to the zoo I also babywore, but in a different carrier. With so much to see, both of my children expressed their love for the Tour since they had a much better view. For events with sights to see, I highly recommend a backpack carrier like the Tour. There will be smiles all around! The only addition I’d like to see to the Tour is a set of foot straps for older/taller children so their legs don’t dangle quite as much. A tall or husky version might also be something to consider for parents in my husband’s size range – after our two excursions we determined that the Tour fit my stature best.

tour 600w

Overall, I highly recommend the Kelty Kids Carrier Tour 1.0 as a carrier for outdoor exploration. It’s designed for active, on-the-go parents who are ready to share the great outdoors with their children. The Tour’s sleek appearance and well thought out features make for a perfectly portable addition to any family’s outing.

If you’re in the market for a backpack carrier the Tour could be right for you! Before you make your final decision be sure to check out Kelty’s other kid carrier models as well as this handy feature comparison chart. Oh, and good luck landing on a color – the evergreen, legion blue, black and rio red are all gorgeous hues!

toue 5 600w


You can purchase your own Kelty Tour 1.0 Kid Carrier at Kelty for $174.95 (there are no shipping charges for Kelty purchases over $125) or on Amazon.


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Information About Our Reviewer:

profileGretchen is the mother of two little ones who love going out and about for some family fun! Between cooking, cleaning, cloth diapering, crafting, and pausing to cuddle up for naps, Gretchen enjoys writing about her family’s adventures and passion for natural parenting on her blog, That Mama Gretchen.

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