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35 Responses to Giveaway: Kelty Kids Carrier Tour 1.0 – $175 CLOSED

  1. Jenn McClearn  

    I like the Callisto 0 sleeping bag as well 🙂

  2. Jenn McClearn  

    my husband and I would enjoy the kelty carrier for baby #3 due in a few weeks 🙂

  3. Anne Perry

    I like the sunshade

  4. Anne Perry

    My son and I would enjoy this carrier on camping trips and hikes.

  5. meegan whitford  

    I like the shade maker

  6. meegan whitford  

    this will be for my sister and nephew

  7. Sarah

    My son has yet to have a camping trip, and you can bet that I am just itching to get out there. Looking at the Kelty Kids section, a Whippersnapper Sleeping Bag is just what I need to get this kid started in the great outdoors. Along with the Carrier:)

  8. Sarah

    Also, my son, who is 4.5 months now, will most certainly enjoy the carrier. Not to mention mom and dad, who can return to the outside world.

  9. Jessica

    I like the speedster swivel deuce

  10. Jessica

    My 2 year old will enjoy it.

  11. Cassandra Eastman

    I also love the Little Dipper sleeping bag, and kids chairs!

  12. Cassandra Eastman

    Me and my 21 month old would love this for camping and hiking!

  13. Lela  

    Love the folding coolers!

  14. Lela  

    My husband will probably use this .:)

  15. Renee

    I love the basecamp kitchen, it would be a great thing to have and keep with our other gear to keep things organized when camping. Our daughter is still little but I hope to camp a lot with her as she grows!

  16. Renee

    My daugher will be who I would carry around in this! We live inthe desert and like to go up to the mountains when it gets hot here. She’s almost one and quite the wiggle worm. This would be MUCH handier than trying to just carry her!

  17. Honey Mendez  

    I really like the “Folding Catain’s Chair”! It makes you look like a VIP outdoors!

  18. Gale Oliphant

    I carried my son in a backpack until he was well over three years old! His first son is about to arrive, and I want to gift them with a Kelty backpack.

  19. Stephanie Caler

    I like the Mach 6 tent!

  20. Travis

    I love all their kelty’s! This would be awesome. I also like their folding chairs which would be excellent for all the camping I imagine myself doing 🙂