Giveaway: $20 Gift Certificate from KidsCuteture {10.17; US/Can} CLOSED

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KidsCuteture is offering our readers a giveaway of a $20 gift certificate!

From our reviewer, Amy at Anktangle:

KidsCuteture, a WAHM business run by Elisha Cram, sells various “handmade children’s items that are almost as adorable as your kids.” Some of the items available in the shop include: knitted and crocheted hats, photo props, tutus, cloth diapers and cloth diapering accessories. I received a one size pocket diaper to review, and I’ve purchased fitted diapers and fleece diaper liners from KidsCuteture in the past as well.

Though my son Daniel is sensitive to synthetics, the pique lining Elisha uses in her diapers doesn’t bother his skin at all. After enjoying using her fitted diapers for several months, I was excited to try out one of her new pocket diapers. KidsCuteture one size pocket diapers have a three step snap down rise adjustment, and Daniel (at 20 pounds and 30 inches tall) is on the middle rise setting.

The diaper’s pocket opening is in the middle of the inside of the diaper, closer to the back (instead of at the very front or back seam, like most other pocket diapers) which allows the inserts to agitate out in the washing machine. It came with two cotton flats as inserts, which isn’t something I’ve seen before with a pocket diaper, but I was definitely interested in trying it out. (I ended up liking the flats very much—more on that later.)

Per the instructions from KidsCuteture, I washed the pocket diaper once before using it (though it doesn’t need prepping like many other diapers do). The one pre-wear wash is in part to see (before they were soiled) if the inserts would agitate out in my washing machine. I have a HE front-loader machine, and I’ve previously been advised by another diaper seller to never purchase diapers that have these agitate-out-in-the-wash insert systems, since they wouldn’t work with my washer. Needless to say, I was sure this would be the case, but I washed the diaper with the flats stuffed in the pocket anyway. Imagine my surprise when the load finished washing and I retrieved the flats and the cover separately from the washing machine! I’ve since washed the diaper several times with one or both of the flats stuffed in it, and they’ve always agitated out in the wash and become very clean.

I’ve tried both line drying and machine drying the diaper and inserts, and both work just fine. Line drying seems extremely easy with this diaper. The outer diaper is nearly dry after retrieving it from the spin cycle in the washing machine and the flats dry very quickly. I hung them out to dry the other day (it was sunny and warm) and all three pieces were completely dry within just three hours—much faster than any of my other diapers that were hanging up at the same time!

I’ve used this diaper for both daytime (stuffed with one flat) and nighttime (stuffed with two) and I’ve not had any leakage issues. (Daniel is a heavy wetter and we do sometimes have morning leaks in a few of the other nighttime diaper configurations we’ve tried.) The fit of the diaper is similar to the other pocket diapers I have. It’s not extremely trim, but it’s not the bulkiest diaper I have, either. When it’s stuffed with just one flat, it’s (perhaps, obviously) much slimmer than when it’s stuffed with two. Trimness isn’t a quality in a cloth diaper that I care about very much, to be honest. We buy clothes that fit well over them, and I really enjoy patting Daniel’s fluffy cloth bum!

The diaper has elastic at both the front and back (as well as the legs) which makes for a more snug fit around the waist than other diapers I have. It’s not tight at all, nor does it leave red marks, but there is no gaping in the front. I like that feature of the diaper, because whenever there’s even a small gap in the front of Daniel’s diaper, he puts his hands down the gap and pulls at the front of his diaper.

Overall, I really liked this pocket diaper. The flats are a very absorbent insert option and they dry quickly after laundering. The diaper is lightweight and the pique lining seems fairly breathable. The flats do need to be folded in quarters and then thirds (I believe this is called the “pad fold”) before being inserted in the pocket, which could be a deterrent for some parents. I personally didn’t find this to be any more work than stuffing any other pocket diaper, and the folding was easy to figure out. The diaper is well-constructed, and I’m sure it will last for a long time!


You can purchase your own pocket diapers (and various cloth diapering accessories and other kids items) at KidsCuteture. A pocket diaper like the one I reviewed retails for $20 before shipping.

And just for Natural Parents Network and Anktangle readers, KidsCuteture is giving a 10% discount on all orders from now through October 31. Enter code ANKTANGLE10 during the ordering process.


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About Our Reviewer: Amy writes about the things she holds close to her heart: family, delicious food, and many aspects of natural parenting. She is passionate about natural childbirth, breastfeeding, gentle, intuitive parenting, and respecting all people, no matter how small. She’s figuring it all out as she goes, following her instincts with her son as her guide. Amy writes at Anktangle.

19 Responses to Giveaway: $20 Gift Certificate from KidsCuteture {10.17; US/Can} CLOSED

  1. Jennifer

    I’d use the certificate to buy the Pocket One-Size Diaper – Tool Print, and use a flat as an insert!

  2. andalene

    I really like the flannel diaper covers – they would make great gifts. I like the army camo, the green and red and also the baseball patterns. The flannel washclothes (pink squares) would also make great gifts.

  3. andalene

    subscribe via email

  4. Arpita of Up, Down & Natural  

    I would use the GC to buy a one sized pocket diaper in the yellow. Although, I’m sure this would go over the GC, I would also have to grab that adorable yoda hat too!! SO flippin’ cute!!

  5. Amy McCarty

    I would pick the Tutu Fleece Diaper Cover (soaker) – Medium – sage green if I won! LOVE IT

  6. Amy M

    I would get a Tutu Fleece Diaper Cover, pocket diaper or Crocheted Sock Monkey Earflap hat.. So many options!

  7. Sarah Hull  

    I would love to get a Fitted Diaper – Size Medium – Snap Closure although, there are so many cute things to choose from!

  8. Jessica Berry  

    I would choose a one size pocket diaper.

  9. Jessica

    I would get the Set of 3 Fitted Diapers

  10. Kimberly  

    I love the Tutu Fleece Diaper Cover. SO cute!

  11. helena

    I would buy a fitted diaper and a set of fleece liners.
    helena {at} studio32 {dot} com

  12. katrina

    i would totally get the yoda hat

  13. Carmen  

    I’d either get fitted diapers or the sage fleece diaper liners

  14. Jessica Sapalio  

    I would buy a pocket diaper.

  15. Rebecca W

    I would buy the fitted cloth diapers. I am always looking for new diapers to try!

  16. Sarah Jane  

    Either a One size pocket diaper or Fitted diaper.

  17. Lara J  

    OMG – I would buy the Yoda Hat – How Cute!!!!
    larajarrette at gmail dot com

  18. April G  

    So many adorable items, but I think I would use it to buy the One-Size Pocket Diaper (green).