Giveaway: Reusable Food Pouches From Little Green Pouch – $42 ARV CLOSED

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Little Green Pouch is offering our readers a giveaway of two 4-packs of pouches, a Mini Funnel and Dissolvable Content and Date Labels, a value of $42.

Natural Parents Network Giveaway: Reusable Food Pouches From Little Green Pouch - $42 ARV {6/29; US}

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From our reviewer, Emily at Embrita Blogging:

Little Green Pouches are reusable baby food pouches ideal for everything from milk to pureed blueberries. They’re sturdy, durable, and cute. The collapsible funnel and dissolvable labels make for easy refilling and keep you from losing track of food’s freshness.

About Little Green Pouch

Creators Maggie and Melissa are both moms who love the ease of food pouches, but hated the environmental unfriendliness of the single-use pouches – as well as the somewhat limited flavor selections available in them. So they designed their own reusable pouches for everyone to enjoy! These pouches are dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe, and made of BPA-free, phthalate-free plastic, and they hold up to six ounces of food or drink!

Natural Parents Network Giveaway: Reusable Food Pouches From Little Green Pouch - $42 ARV {6/29; US}


Our Experience

These food pouches are extremely cute. Bright, sunny green keeps the otherwise minimal design from being boring, and the back has clear instructions (for those of us suffering from Not Enough Sleep) and a space for writing your child’s name or your phone number in permanent ink. They’re sturdy and the plastic is thick, so they’ll stand upright on their own if you need to set them down. The mouth opens wide enough to spoon in yogurt, in case you forget that you own the funnel, like I did. The funnel fits perfectly and makes the whole process go much more smoothly, and then collapses down so that it doesn’t take up too much room in the diaper bag — which makes refilling on the go super easy. I’m fairly certain I’ll keep empty pouches and the funnel in the car well after my boys are past purees for easy smoothie portioning and serving. For now, though, Walter still needs a spoon to eat from his, and luckily the spout is a standard size, and a spoon set that I bought at the store (a disposable pouch brand) fits perfectly.

Natural Parents Network Giveaway: Reusable Food Pouches From Little Green Pouch - $42 ARV {6/29; US}

Dissolvable Labels: doing it right.

The dissolvable labels are easy to write on and stick well enough that they stay on until it’s time to wash them off. But beware: they aren’t kidding about the dissolving part — my labels were gone between the time I turned the tap on to trickle and when I grabbed my camera from two feet away and took the lens cap off. Easy cleanup is always a bonus!

Other Features

The zipper on top of the pouches is secure when zipped (great because the boys can’t pop it open!) but not easy for me to open the first few uses of each pouch. The bags are also pretty stiff right out of the box — this is great because it means they’ll hold up longer, but it also means that at first I had to wrestle with the bottom to get it to open up all the way so I could fill the pouch. It also means that getting down into the creases at the bottom of the pouch requires intent: slack off there and you’ll have food left in the bag, so be prepared to either use the nipple section of the bottle brush or pop them into your dishwasher. Ultimately, these are awesome. I give Little Green Pouch two thumbs way up!

Natural Parents Network Giveaway: Reusable Food Pouches From Little Green Pouch - $42 ARV {6/29; US}



You can purchase your own pouches, funnel, and dissolvable labels at The 4-packs of pouches are $14.99 each, rolls of labels are $5.99 each, and collapsible funnels are $5.99 each. They also offer spout extenders, extra lids, labels, and other fun accessories for your pouch set.



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Natural Parents Network Giveaway: Reusable Food Pouches From Little Green Pouch - $42 ARV {6/29; US}
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