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This is a giveaway of an incredible set of mama care products by LuSa Organics: Mama Massage Oil ($8.75), Belly Balm ($9.75), Cranky Pants Essential Oil Blend ($9.10), Lullaby Soap ($5.50), and Herbal Lip Balm ($3.35). One lucky reader will receive all five products, making this giveaway’s total value $36.45!

From our reviewer, Dionna at Code Name: Mama:

About LuSa Organics

LuSa Organics is a family-owned business out of Wisconsin. In 1997 Rachel turned her hobby of making body care products into a small business, and in 2008 their family made a leap of faith and turned Rachel’s hobby into a full-time career for both Rachel and her husband, Pete. The word “LuSa” comes from their children’s names – Lupine and Sage.

LuSa Organics is committed to a manufacturing process that is environmentally sustainable and locally based. Their “ingredients are naturally sourced and primarily organic[, and they] scent exclusively with essential oils and color only with natural pigments, herbs, and clays.” LuSa’s products use minimal packaging, and their printed materials are on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Their business is located in Wisconsin, and they not only try to hire locally, but they also “utilize local or regional suppliers and growers for ingredients and materials.”1 What’s more, LuSa Organics donates 10% of their profits every year to “organizations generating positive global change.”

Perhaps my favorite thing about LuSa as a company? Rachel. She’s authentic, down-to-earth, and inspiring. She blogs at Clean. – check out some of my recent favorite posts by Rachel:

LuSa’s Products

Simply put, I am in love with every single product Rachel sent to me for review. And an added bonus? The 49 products available for review at the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database all score in the 0-2 range. That’s a good thing. Here is a run-down:

Mama Massage Oil

If there is one thing my husband has never been clued in yet in the almost seven years of our relationship, it is this: I would do just about anything for him if he’d only give me a nightly massage. It doesn’t even need to be a huge ordeal, just a foot rub. Alas, he has ignored my pleas (because I haven’t just hinted at it – no, I’ve told him!).

The fact that I have some amazing massage oil sitting on the dresser makes life that much harder. I look yearningly at the massage oil, hoping it will get used. The few times it has? Bliss. It is scented with lavender and ylang ylang – both very calming scents. (Hey hubby, did you know that ylang ylang is also used as an aphrodisiac? Come on, buddy!)

At any rate, if you have a pregnant mama in your life, my lovely midwife Amber of Trust In Birth helped me create a video. She’s given us tips so that our partners can help us relax for a prenatal massage. Check it out!

Lullaby Soap

I’ll begin by saying that I have been using Dial soap for as many years as I can remember. I’ve had “fancy” soap before, I just never saw any reason to use it. I’ve never been a “fancy” girl. Dial worked for me, it was inexpensive, it was easy. Now? Now I get why you might want a beautiful, deliciously-scented, hand-crafted soap – it makes showering (alone! with no children!) that much more heavenly. It’s a little piece of mama time. I will say though, Kieran loves the Lullaby soap too.

Lullaby Soap is naturally scented with lavender and chamomile. It smells and looks divine. You can buy Lullaby Soap boxed (to gift) or unboxed (to waste less packaging).

Belly Balm

I’ve avoided stretch marks for the most part with both of my pregnancies, but I have not escaped the dreaded belly itch that comes from your skin getting stretched to capacity during the third trimester. I was initially reluctant to use the Belly Balm, because I was worried that the oils would stain my clothing. I’ve been pleasantly surprised, though; I have not noticed any residue on my shirts. The balm soaks into my skin very cleanly, and it provides instant relief from the itchiness. Plus? Giving your growing belly a nice rubdown is a fun way to get acquainted with the beautiful changes taking place in your body.

Cranky Pants Essential Oil Blend

When Rachel asked me if there was anything in particular I wanted to review, I seized on the opportunity to ask for the Cranky Pants EO Blend. If you’ve been reading me for long, you know that we’re firmly in the “threes,” and I was hoping for something that might help keep the house peaceful.

Cranky Pants smells delicious – it is a blend of sweet orange, clementine, and lavender, so there is a sweet citrus smell with a floral hint. It only takes a few drops in my diffuser to make the whole front half of our house smell good. I have used it (diluted in olive oil) to massage Kieran’s feet, but it’s usually before bedtime, so I cannot honestly attest to whether or not it really does soothe a case of the crankies. Regardless, I love the smell, and I’m not ordinarily a big citrus fan.

Herbal Lip Balm

Again, I’ve never felt an urgent need to buy lip balm that wasn’t of the ordinary, major brand variety. But this stuff is so nice! I am in love with the peppermint smell – and the very mild peppermint tingle. I like that it refreshes and soothes without being greasy or smushy. I’ve carried it in my purse for the last couple of months in both heat and cold, and it never loses its shape or texture. This is the good stuff.

Overall, I’m incredibly pleased with every product I have tried from LuSa Organics. I appreciate that the products are natural, the company works hard to be environmentally friendly and supports its local economy, and I dig the fact that the owner is a real person. I hope you’ll try something and agree!


You can purchase your own LuSa Organics products by ordering directly from the website. Amazon also carries a variety of LuSa products. Rachel’s best selling products are her Baby Wipe Juice and Booty Balm – I’m hoping to try some for the new baby!

For a limited time, Rachel is offering Code Name: Mama and Natural Parents Network readers a special deal:

Stock up for holiday gift-giving and use the code CNM2011 at checkout for free shipping on all orders over $50!


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Information About Our Reviewer:

Dionna is a lawyer turned work at home mama of her amazing son, Kieran, and she is due with baby number two in late November 2011. You can normally find Dionna over at Code Name: Mama where she shares information, resources, and her thoughts on natural parenting and life with a toddler/preschooler.

  1. For more about LuSa Organics, see their About page.

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