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181 Responses to Giveaway: Moby GO carrier From Moby Wrap $79.95 ARV CLOSED

  1. Janine Fowler  

    I have wanted a Moby Wrap for ages — I love the Best for Babes design!

  2. Janine Fowler  

    The Moby GO would be enjoyed by my toddler and his daddy first, as I’m expecting our next baby soon. Then it will go to little brother. 🙂

  3. Lisa

    What, first comment? YES. I want this.

    Also excited to see that Moby has woven wraps! I like the striped ones.

  4. Andrea H  

    I’d love one of the Moby Blankets!

  5. Andrea H  

    I think Daddy would really like this carrier!

  6. Bekah Kuczenski  

    I also like the Moby Wrap Baby carriet

  7. Bekah Kuczenski  

    I will be enjoying this with my new baby who is due in September.

  8. domestic diva

    The organic wraps look fantastic.

  9. domestic diva

    I’d use this with my soon-coming little one.

  10. Jennifer Shelby  

    I like the mobywrap baby carrier

  11. Amy G  

    I love the Moby knot hats- love to get one.

  12. Amy G  

    My second baby due in August.

  13. Nichole

    I was just thinking about how convenient it would be to upgrade wraps to carry by 15 month old around when I take the dogs out – without having to worry about a bothersome stroller. This would be wonderful!

  14. Nichole

    Love the little sunhats!

  15. Anne Perry

    I also like the MOBY blankets

  16. Anne Perry

    for me and my 4 month old son.

  17. Jessica  

    I want this so bad! I need a carrier that can hold my 3 year old. I also LOVE the knot hats on the Moby website!

  18. Jessica  

    My daughter (and myself!) will enjoy the Moby Go.

  19. Christina

    Would love to try this one! I like the cross shoulder design.

  20. Chrissy

    mini moby