Giveaway: Original Nursing Tank Top From Momzelle – $40 ARV CLOSED

Nurse in style and with discretion with the Momzelle Original Nursing Tank Top. One reader will have the opportunity to win a nursing tank top in the color of her choice.

This is a joint giveaway with African Babies Don’t Cry and Natural Parents Network. You may enter at one site only. Please find the section marked “Win it!” for the mandatory entry and optional bonus entries.

Momzelle is offering up one of their popular Original Nursing Tank Tops to one lucky reader, of a value of $35.

From our reviewer, Christine at African Babies Don’t Cry:

About Momzelle

Christine Poirier, the founder of Momzelle, created her first nursing top a few days after the birth of her daughter in order to feel comfortable nursing in public. Her midwife was the first to rave about it, and soon friends and family were placing orders. Her brother saw a business opportunity, and nine months later Momzelle was founded. Momzelle prides itself on helping mothers achieve a positive breastfeeding experience and feel confident breastfeeding anywhere. They have won tons of awards, and Christine has been in the media often.

Momzelle is dedicated to helping mothers breastfeed for as long as possible. They have a wonderful community on Facebook and an information packed breastfeeding help page on their website. Be sure to pop on over if you are a newly breastfeeding mom.

There is nothing worse than nursing your child in public and feeling uncomfortable because you may or may not be showing a bit too much breast. Not helped by the widespread feeling that it is okay for scantily clad women to roam the streets or beach, but totally inappropriate for a mother to feed her child in a restaurant. I, myself, with rather large breasts, have never felt comfortable breastfeeding in public, there always seems to be too much breast to hide when it is popped over the top of my shirt, or even worse, too much stretch-marked filled stomach showing when I lift my shirt to nurse.

My son is now 20 months old and still breastfed, and until now, I have breastfed him in public perhaps a handful of times and felt totally uncomfortable doing so. I was so excited to receive the Momzelle  v-neck nursing top to review, as I knew it would make nursing so much easier.

I was not disappointed, never has nursing been so convenient. Coupled with a comfortable nursing bra, the top has made my son’s frequent need for milk so much easier to facilitate.

All the clothing available from Momzelle, which includes maternity tops, is made from the best quality fabric. The original nursing tank top I received to review is stretchy and comfortable whilst still being durable, made from mostly cotton with a touch of spandex. It washes well and retains its shape well. It is perfect for casual wear with jeans or shorts and – living in a hot climate, myself – I found it wonderfully cool. The neckline is modest without making you feel like a nun, and it manages to cover even the thickest of nursing bra straps. All in all, this is a fantastic top and I am only sorry I did not purchase one months ago! The top is available in blue, bubblegum pink or black, and I am sorry it is not available in more colors, as I fully intend to purchase one of each!

Each nursing top features universal breast opening to ensure a discreet and comfortable nursing experience. When one breast is open, the other is fully covered at all times; and when a breast is open, your stomach and the top of your breast is fully covered too.

Momzelle’s range not only includes the popular nursing tops, but now a range of maternity tops too! They also stock nursing bands in a wide range of colors to convert your entire wardrobe of tops into nursing tops.

I think the best thing about the Momzelle nursing top is the fit. Momzelle advises on going with the size you usually are, if you are always a medium, go with a medium, as the top allows for an increase in cup size in nursing breasts. The tops are generously sized and I found the XL a comfortable fit over my gigantic breastfeeding breasts . . . {search engine users are going to have a field day with that line!}. There is a handy sizing chart available with full measurements if you would like to be more precise.


You can purchase your own Original Nursing Tank Top from Momzelle for $39.50 excluding shipping. The site is featuring an end of summer sale at the moment, allowing you to purchase this top for only $35.00! Check out the sale where you can get as much as 50% off!


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Information About Our Reviewer:

Christine is a teacher turned work-at-home mom to her beautiful son, Jesse. She lives in South Africa and is passionate about bringing up her son as naturally as possible. Christine blogs at African Babies Don’t Cry, where she often writes about natural nutrition and toddler health.

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